The No-Plastics Challenge: My Failure

We ran out of dogfood and didn’t have time to go to the store that carries the brand we use. I bought a bag at the grocery store. When I got it home, I realized that the bag was plastic, not slick paper like our old brand. When I took the old empty bag to the recycling bin, I found that it has a plastic liner. Is there no winning?


2 thoughts on “The No-Plastics Challenge: My Failure

    • Glazed paper can be coated with a number of things – a starch compound, for instance. But after taking the old dogfood bag apart, it’s apparent that the glazed paper on the outside may have been just regular paper, but the inner bag was plasticized. Styrene wax, the most common type, is made from petroleum. “Wax” is a sort of general chemical category, though, and many things can be made into “wax”. Maybe someone can update us on this.

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