Friday, Food Waste

I did something really stupid – a real beginner’s stupid thing – and put eggs on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Six of them froze. I boiled them and chopped them for eggs salad, but they were too tough for human consumption, so they supplemented the dogs’ ration, and were much appreciated. Leftover salad got eaten (by me) and cold take-away pizza got reheated for supper last night, with a pasta and fresh herb side and more salad. I love salad – if I lived alone I would eat salads twice a day, with cold meat or shrimp and some cheese. Breakfast used to be whole-grain bread with goat cheese and soem fruit, and the rest of the meals were salads or a bit of pasta with the salad. I was quite thin, too. If I tried that now, there would definitely be a rebellion.

An onion went bad in the five pound bag, and I suspect there may be another one. It’s the time of the year when everything wants to sprout. I’ve got a chunk of fresh ginger to either use or plant soon.

I’ve got a few things in the big freezer, mostly chicken and pork, and a packet of hamburger rolls to use. I hope to get through all that this coming week.


One thought on “Friday, Food Waste

  1. We have that same problem, but with every shelf. The way our fridge works, the back wall freezes then thaws. So we (meaning Colin) have to be careful not to just shove things into the fridge. I’ve lost a number of things to freezing. At least the dog enjoyed them.

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