An Amish Scooter

I think I want an Amish scooter. That’s what they are called, although I’ve seen them ont he streets of Fredericton and other cities. Two bicycle wheels, a welded frame, handlebars and steering in the front, with a big basket. I don’t drive more than once or twice a week, and the grocery store is a little far to walk, especially for Nicholas. (I don’t know if he could manage a scooter, though – poor balance.) I could walk the several blocks and carry home groceries with the pack basket, but it’s the time element. I always have plenty to do at home. So I think the scooter might be a good answer, even when we move. If I get another parish, I could make calls on the scooter. Is anyone else using this form of transportation?


2 thoughts on “An Amish Scooter

  1. They look very interesting. They could be useful for those who live in town. Part of my disability affects my balance to the point that I have a service dog. So the best I think I could manage is one of those adult tricycles with the huge basket in the back, like Paula mentions. You could do serious grocery shopping with one of those! I think that it could hold at least a grocery cart worth. I have to use the electrical scooters in stores, and some of them have baskets that actually hold as much or more than the grocery cart my daughter is using. . . . We only go in to town once or twice a month so we shop big when we go.

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