Dolls for Haiti

Free the Kids (Theo’s Work, Inc.) is working with children affected by the Haitian disaster. I learned at My Zero Waste about “Dolly Donations” ( Dolls are being made to be sent to Haiti to help give these children in need a toy of their own, a little piece of stability in a place literally torn apart. Both girl and boy dolls are needed. These are simple cloth dolls, with happy expressions and neat clothes. There’s a suggested pattern at the website. Be sure to check there before you get underway. Especially, the dolls should resemble Haitian children. Only soft dolls are accepted, not stuffed animals or other toys. This is a great project to utilize those pretty fabric scraps you’ve squirreled away.


4 thoughts on “Dolls for Haiti

    • I can’t wait to get started, but will need some brown fabric – I’ve got lots of dress fabrics from sewing for the little girls.I’m thinking of appliqued faces, but might paint them.

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