Plain Profiles: Faves All-Around

When I started to buy Plain, it was with trepidation. I am petite and very persnickety about fabrics. I modified or sewed my own at first.

But that didn’t help my husband, who needed a Plain black hat.

I ordered one from Mennonite Maidens (, who sent it promptly to meet a departure deadline. Nicholas wore it for years until I finally got him another one last winter. (It was decrepit, but is still in use as a working hat.) Maidens also carry bonnets, kapps, veils, kerchiefs and Amish hairpins. They have an extensive selection of aprons and modest dresses, including cape dresses, and an impressive range of old-fashioned undies. They are sweet ladies, and wonderful to work with. They are also on facebook and eBay.

Other speak highly of Katie’s Mercantile (, although I haven’t bought from them myself. She has clothing for women and girls, including head coverings ranging from baby bonnets through veils, kapps and bun covers. She also makes modest and cape dresses as well as nightwear and unmentionables.

Many friends and Friends like Rachel’s Seamstress Services ( She has some very Quakerly kapps, including one designed for Quaker Jane. She makes men’s broadfalls and children’s bonnets.

For overall Plain and modest dress for women and girls, many use The King’s Daughters – as in Psalm 45.13  (  They have a wide range of styles and fabrics, are exceptionally responsive to special needs, and I really like their lovely website.

Now, these aren’t inexpensive options, but for those whose sewing skills aren’t that well-developed, it is a good investment. Plain dress doesn’t change in style; well-made clothes will last for years with the occasional mending.

Do you have other favourites? I will be writing another post on this subject soon.


9 thoughts on “Plain Profiles: Faves All-Around

  1. I love Katie’s Mercantile and have developed an excellent relationship with them. Their prices cannot be beaten (I don’t know about shipping to Canada). So far I’ve bought their gathered cap (many), slips, skirts, and 2 brilliant aprons. I’ve just sent them fabric for making me snoods to go out in the world with. I made the connection through

    Also through Quaker Jane I’ve discovered Shukr a store that sells modest clothing mostly for Muslim men and women, but meets all your needs for modest dressing. I have beautiful skirts from them that are actually long – and I’m a leggy 5’8″! I also have a couple of their dresses (my favorite is the Maha dress that I’ve worn so often I’ve gotten bleach on it! Bought it on sale. Shukr caters to the needs for Western modest dressers – so they have clothes you can wear to work meeting the needs for business and professional attire without compromising your need for modest clothes.

    Both Katie’s Mercantile and Shukr are very attractive to me because they do it all in house. They design, they sew, they model their own clothes. No more sweatshop shabby. These are well made items and fairly priced. And with plain living you don’t need a ton of stuff either.

  2. I, too, like Katies Mercantile. I have bought 2 or 3 T-shirt dresses from them, and they are just wonderful! In Fact, this past fall I ordered a long sleeve t-shirt dress, and I had a bad cold at the time, and she sent me a pair of flannel bloomers, and didn’t charge for the bloomers. I put those on and was instantly warm.

    They are wonderful people to work with!!

    • I’ve been thinking about those t-shirt dresses. They might be good for around the house, under an apron. Soemtimes getting pinned into the whoel cape-apron thing is too much!

  3. It might just be my computer, but I am unable to get to the Katies Mercantile website – I have tried the link in the comment above, I have googled and clicked on the link, and tried a link at another website with no success. Just wondering if anyone else can get to tthe site.

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