Friday Food Waste – Or Not

This is a week to clean out the freezer! I had stashed a lot of good homemade food over the last few weeks, and I’m getting it used up. The big freezer needs a defrost anyway, especially because we would like to buy a package deal on meat from the local butcher. Strawberry season is here in Ontario, and as soon as it dries off enough, I’m picking! What doesn’t get used promptly in jam will get sliced and frozen. I usually put in some sugar to keep the berries from getting freezer burned.

So I’m really excited that we are eating well without a lot of prep – it was already done. We’ve had spaghetti and meatballs, chicken and stuffing (with some frozen kale tucked in) moistened with frozen gravy, vegetable soup, and beef, gravy and rice. I’ve got just a couple of meals left along with some broth which will go into next week’s pea soup.

I have lots of carrots and potatoes to use, so there wasn’t a lot to buy this week anyway. I’m hoping to get local veggies into the freezer as summer progresses, against a long winter!


2 thoughts on “Friday Food Waste – Or Not

  1. I’m very proud of myself. I made meat balls (lamb, ostrich, pork) that were over seasoned (I’d added curry powder to my seasoned homemade bread crumbs and forgot about that and seasoned the meat!). I remembered that you can rescue over salted food by throwing in potatoes. Usually the potatoes are not edible after they’ve done their jobs, but this time after chopping 3 potatoes and putting the meatballs, potatoes and water into a crock for 8hrs not only were the meatballs salvaged, but the potatoes tasted brilliant. So now I’m going to puree the potato water mixture after removing the meatballs and keep it as some kind of potato soup! No waste here.

    • This has been the week to get things used up! I love your idea of adding the potatos, and getting another meal out of it. Add some sausage or bacon there, and that’s a good meal itself.

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