Friday Food Waste – Oh, My Ears and Whiskers!

…I’m late! Friday was a busy day that involved an expedition to Bulk Barn, our source for all things chocolate and yummy to be made into cupcakes and cheescakes. So that took the afternoon. I didn’t even hang out the laundry since we got back late, and my storm warning system – that sixth sense I have about weather – was on high alert. It was accurate, too, because we had some real thunderstorms with a tornado warning about 11 PM! Mother Kay got us out of bed and to the first floor, while watching the weather advance on her cellphone. Yes, we would have headed for the cellar if it got worse, but honestly, our cellar is no place to spend much time. If this weather keeps up all summer, I’m going to put some lawn chairs down there, and keep a bag of snacks handy. The little “smart” phone is a good substitute for the old-fashioned battery-operated radio in emergencies. Our emergency water supply is already downstairs. We aren’t in a terribly high danger area, but tornadoes are quirky phenomena, and one might just decide to drop down in our little town.

Oh, yes, food waste – a bran muffin. It was purchased for a clergy meeting, and it was frozen along with its leftover compadres. We defrosted them, and we all sort of privately decided that this particular kind of bran muffin was a lot like a cannonball muffin. Since commercial muffins tend to be high in fat and sugar, as well as bran in this case, it did not go to the dogs as a snack. As I commented upon throwing it in the trash, “We’d have to hose out the yard afterward.”

The dogs only occasionally get table food as a treat. One dog has a sensitive tummy and she can’t seem to process anything with a lot of vegetable fibre. Not a pretty sight, in fact, quite a horrid, disgusting sight. The other dog is a little four-legged garbage disposal, and will eat carrots, asparagus, lettuce, cucumbers and once, parsley. But for their health, they get only dog-intended food with the occasional all-beef frank or such. Dogs do not thrive on table food, especially modern table food, which is not nutritious for the humans who buy it.

I used to cook dog-specific food, but it is less practical now, especially with little Miss Tummyache. We had been buying a good grade supermarket dog food, and they did all right, but switched early in the year to a breeder-quality, rather expensive food. It has made a tremendous difference in their energy levels, their ability to focus and obey, and especially in their lovely, sleek, shiny coats. Many commercial dog foods are full of corn and with high levels of sugar. Dogs do not need sugar! Considering the investment we have in our pets, from puppy purchase to vet bills, we should be more concerned about their diet. A good diet will prevent many illnesses in dogs. Dogs are especially sensitive to high fat levels. Too much fat leads to heart and kidney disease, and probably to some cancers.

And just like us, dogs need lots of exercise. I had promised myself (and my own girl, Ash) that we would get more walks, but so far, we haven’t been able to get out as much as I’d like. She and I were both shepherds, used to lots of time on our feet, and now we are pretty sedentary. I show it more than she does!

There’s an insidious form of food waste – overconsumption. I certainly have been eating more calories than my body needs, since it has decided that I will store the excess as a nice cushion against – what? – future famine? Falling down? I could eat less, but I think exercising may be the best solution. Because I’m not really ready to give up dessert!


2 thoughts on “Friday Food Waste – Oh, My Ears and Whiskers!

  1. E.J. would like to be a garbage disposal if we would just cooperate! Min Pins are notorious for food allergy and tummy woes. I only feed E.J. a food called blue buffalo. It has no by products, no corn or wheat, no preservatives to name a few. It is awesome to read the food label and actually be able to understand the words and no it is good stuff! They even have antioxidants in there!
    I know about the nice extra cushion and I too should eat less than I do. Between being a nervous eater and no longer being able to take long walks, I am overly fluffy as we say. Shame on me!

    • I’ve heard of that brand – I’d use it if we weren’t happy with what we have, which is called Canidae. I’ve had beagles, and they are little food hounds, worse than some big dogs I’ve had, and we had a pug in the house, who was about the most sensitive stomach on four legs I’ve ever met.

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