I Know, I Know…

I need a good dose of something to rev up my enthusiasm for my work. I have intentions of writing blog posts, baking bread and finishing some sewing. But I am stumbling over little roadblocks.

Rain. A mild case of shingles (if such is possible.) Indecision about what to do first.

If I were smart, I’d go make a cup of tea and pray a bit.


10 thoughts on “I Know, I Know…

    • I sometimes don’t get to focussed prayer time until I’m falling asleep. I know the Lord understands “praying with our hands” as we help others and do our daily work.

  1. magdalena,

    There’s no such thing as a ‘mild case of shingles’… 😛

    Tea and prayer sound excellent…then, let me see, how’s about breadmaking; while its prooving, you can think about ‘what next’. Its raining here, and with an inside guide dog ruining the floors with wet paws no matter how fastidious one is at the back dooor with them, I am of similar mind; we mopped and swept this morning…we need to again…and it can simply wait while I tend to the washing…this is one occasion I am thankful for a dryier.

    We’ve had about 300mm in the past 3 weeks…

    If you want another pep=up, hows about setting a pot of stock ingredients to bubble away on the stove, or make soup (though stock is a good way to use up odds and ends). Did this yesterday afternoon with a roast chicken frame, veg and plenty of herbs…it melted down away slowly barely bubbling for around 4 hours (a whole soup pot made one 2-cup freezer container).

    Aaron just had his very late ‘1 month’ evaluation (he’s three weeks out from his 3-month check), and to my surprise, the instructor was impressed with how we’re going. I will remind my husband to take a pic over the next few days to send; would we be the only plain, covered guide dog team? I wonder…



    • I realized after I wrote that post that shingles, even mild, affect one’s mood and energy level. It was my own fault for not keeping up my lemonbalm tea regimen. Lemon balm (melissa officianalus) is anti-viral and quite specific for the chicken pox/shingles virus. It’s also a longevity tea, probably because it reduces inflammation.

      I did finally get to baking, and made two pizzas, two loaves of bread, and a dozen cupcakes. I gave msyelf the evening to read a great book by Bishop N.T. Wright, which I will write about soon – Simply Christian.

  2. Magdalena, be sure to take good care of yourself. Colin was so sick when he had shingles. Don’t over-do it. You may feel better but your body might not be ready. Colin did that and put himself flat on his back for 3 days. Feel better soon, you’ll be in my prayers.

    • I am the poster child for chronic shingles. Anything sets them off – sunlight, stress, colds. They are on a major nerve on the face, too – which usually means lots of pain. This run hasn’t been too bad, but the body does have to fight the activated virus. I’m stupid about illness in myself,I know.

      • Did you get to the hospital in time to get the antiviral medicine? They told Colin you have only 48 hours after the rash appears to get it started.

      • I’ve used the antiviral meds in the past, but didnt find them as effective as prevention. Lemon balm is one of the best treatments and preventions, so I use that. I also make a formula with catnip and green oat tops which is especially good for any inflamed nerve. I don’t qualify for an OHIP card,so clinic and emerg visits run into quite an expense for me!

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