Photo Life

This is a quick cultural comment:

I don’t understand why girls are always taking picture sof themselves. Our young friends on facebook will have albums of hundreds of photos of themselves with their friends. Girls hugging and smiling. Girls smiling and making “rock on” gestures. Girls with their boyfriends. I have no idea why. They all have camera phones and they take endless pictures of themselves and their friends. Are they afraid they might disappear if they are not preserved on the internet? is it some form of narcissism?

Patience loves to see photos of herself, although she hates posing. She loathes the professional portrait studio. But she loves to look at herself. She’s two-and-a-half.

Are our youngies just not growing up very fast?


3 thoughts on “Photo Life

  1. Both Morgan and Hannah grew up much too fast. I miss them still. Morgan lives in Oregon with his wife and two daughters. Hannah lives fairly close. Thy friend in Christ, Thea

  2. yep, growing way to fast. Our cell phone has a camera we never use! LOL! I don’t like pics of myself and would rather take them of my family as you can tell on facebook. But once in awhile I take one of me.

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