Mother’s Day, Plain

What can I say about Mother’s Day? You knew it was coming – even if you don’t have television with its constant flower and perfume ads – the grocery stores, florists and jewelers all have posters and displays. Remember your Mother!

We don’t follow the secular holidays much. (So my kids are off the hook.) Still, Mother Kay has two grown children, and they are coming here, which means a feast. But I’m always up for that!

I can think of better ways to honour your mother than with flowers, perfume, jewelry and candy, or an expensive dinner in a restaurant. (And why are these THE gifts? Flowers are dead things when you get them, perfume makes me sick, I don’t wear jewelry and most people have tons of it if they do, and well, candy is purchased for mothers because Moms always share. Expensive dinners often cost the same as the week’s groceries.)

Here’s my tuppence ‘orth on honouring your Mother.

Give to a charity that aids mothers with newborns.

Donate to a clean water campaign for a third world village so mothers don’t have to watch their children die of dysentery.

Go to church with your mother, or go to church and pray for your mother if she is a long ways away.

Cook dinner for your mother at home, and do the dishes.

Clean up your room.

My mother is gone, as is my mother-in-law, who I never knew, since she died when Nicholas was young. They are still missed.


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, Plain

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! These are excellent tips on how to honor your mother and mothers around the world. If I am ever to be a mother this is exactly the way I would like to be celebrated. My church is very involved in water projects in Africa and I always try to donate generously to these projects because it is such a relief for a woman in a poor country not having to walk long distances to get water which might be bad and instead get it from a well in her village. And as you say, her children will be healtier as well. I am angered that there is not more done to help people regarding this issue and teaching women ways to improve their own and their children’s health in other ways as well. As a teacher, education to all citizens of the world is also an issue I think is important.

    In Sweden mother’s day is the last Sunday of May so our has not been yet. My mother is dead though and since I have lived in another town for almost all of my adult life my present for her was often just a call to hear how she had been and if my brothers and sister had visited (which they of course had). We have never been much for these ‘constructed’ holidays but mum othen got some potted plants or something for the garden for mother’s day. She loved plants so it was quite fitting although perhaps a stereotypical mother’s day gift.

    • I’m not the sort of mother who whines and complains until someone does something for me. So Mother’s Day is more about helping others rather than sitting back and letting others wait on me. Yes, we need to raise awareness of the needs of mothers and children in the world rather than expecting that we will get expensive and useless gifts just for having given birth. What better way to honour your own mother than to help another mother?

  2. I tried to have a nice dinner for my MIL and the family but she’s a little odd and has decided her daughter and I should have Mothers’ day alone with our families??? Oh well, I’m tired of trying to figure the MIL out. My mom is coming over and we’ll have a nice ham supper and we’ll help each other wash the dishes 🙂

    Have a lovely Mothers’ Day!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you think there are better ways to honour mothers than with flowers. My little children arrived home proudly with a bunch of flowers in hand, insisting that I smell how fragrant they were and excitedly disappearing into a cupboard in search of a vase to put them in. With great ceremony my gift was placed in the middle of the dinner table. I had to peer around the foliage and blooms to see my darlings who were bursting with delight at having made their mummy so happy. Fresh flowers in the house bring me such joy, as do the gift givers.

    • Oh, boy! I sure didn’t mean the handpicked wildflower kind! I was feeling inundated by television advertising – “You don’t have to spend a fortune to send Mom flowers!” I picked my share of “weed bouquets” – including all of a neighbor’s daffodils when I was about seven.My mother reciprocated with flowers from her garden, and a note of apology. Sorry about that – I hope your Mother’s Day was as blessed as it sounds.

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