Tired of Plain Yet?

This is my newest bonnet – the custom made Wenger style that Bayley at Plain n Simple provided. I like it very much. The construction is of a plastic mesh, which makes it light and keeps it from getting too hot. The jersey fabric is also light and breezy. The ties are fabric, the same material as the bonnet.

I wear this bonnet when I go out, except for driving. It cuts back on my peripheral vision just enough to be hazardous. Remember that in a bonnet, your hearing and vision can be affected. Be careful at street crossings, driving or afoot. Even driving a buggy would be a problem if the bonnet shades your face. You need to see things as fast as the horse does, so be careful not to block your vision.

This was a major investment for me, but I expect to wear the bonnet for many years.


7 thoughts on “Tired of Plain Yet?

  1. I have just received a Wenger style bonnet from Plain n Simple for my wife. The quality is excellent and I am hoping that she will be pleased with my purchase. Living in the UK I was unhappy to find that not only did I have to pay VAT (value added tax) but also a customs handling fee which added an additional 33% to the total cost. That said I’m sure she will look great wearing it.

    • I have the same problem getting things into Canada. Duty, handling and shipping and other add-ons sometimes make things too expensive. But be assured that you probably won’t have to buy another one! I hope she is pleased with it. It’s good to hear from you.

  2. Beautiful bonnet! I’ve currently been looking at purchasing a bonnet and wondered what you would recommend. Is a stiff backed bonnet or a soft backed bonnet easier to wear with a kapp?
    Thank you!


    • A roomy bonnet works best with a kapp. A tight one stays on well, but will pull the kapp off when you remove it. The one in the photo works well. It is stiff, and to remove it, I put one hand under the brim to hold my kapp in place, then take off the bonnet with the other hand. Sometimes the back of a stiff kapp will get collapsed, but a little tug and it pops back into shape.

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