Friday Food Waste

I threw out a few slices of forgotten cucumber. They were yellow and a bit bitter, so I didn’t give them to the dog, who loves cucumber. My girl loves most vegetables; she used to pillage the compost for scraps, which was a big nuisance if I didn’t catch her in time – stuff spread all over. Oh, well, it was as good as turning the pile.

We don’t eat out much, but we stopped for a fast food meal while driving home from the maritimes. The “large” sized beverage was about a quart, I think. I was appalled. It lasted us two days! The burgers were good, but expensive. Nicholas noted that they were quite tasty and fresh, and I answered, “They should be – they cost as much as a pub burger!” If we did that regularly, I would think it a great waste of food becaus eit was one meal for the same amount of money that should sustain us for two days. And how much waste is generated in fast food restaurants – food prepared and never sold, so it’s discarded, things overcooked or less than picture-perfect, damaged buns, fries and so on that get trashed. And what about the food that people don’t finish, and toss? Thos mammoth cups of soft drink, for instance – who ever finishes one? Sit-down restaurants aren’t any better – lots gets wasted in the kitchen and on the plate.

How do you deal with take-out and restuarant leftovers? Do you eat out regularly?


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