More Plain Dress

This is what I look like most days. Quaker brown dress, white cape and apron, black cap at home. Those are Teva sandals purchased at a thrift store for a couple of bucks.

I can get a white cap pretty grimy in no time – housecleaning, baking, dogs, childcare. So I switched to black caps most days, to save wear and tear and washing of the white ones.


12 thoughts on “More Plain Dress

  1. Nice. i really like the apron. I need to make some more aprons as I am a real mess in the kitchen! LOl! Can’t cook if you don’t destroy the kitchen, right?

    • This is an Amish two piece apron – the cape goes over your head, the apron around your waist, and it gets pinned together. Now that the camera is functional, should I do a little tutorial demonstrating this? (Yes, I can destroy a kitchen – no one wants to clean up after me!)I am sewing aprons this afternoon, as soon as the floors are – well, cleaner than they are right now!

    • I am looking for mor ewhite kapps in the style I like, at a reasonable cost. Sometimes when I order things from the States the postage drives the price up too high. It’s OK if I’m ordering several dresses, but just one kapp, unless the vendor is willing to ship at the cheapest rate, and suddenly the price doubles!

  2. I love it!!! I find it’s so difficult to get modest clothing around here. when I do have time I sew a bit but I need more practice and a less stubborn sewing machine haha!

    Apron are the best both our little one have some their size and love it! Plus it keeps their clothes cleaner longer!

    • I’ve ordered some patterns from Friends (that’s the company name) but they haven’t arrived yet. I have a Pfaff that I got for free at a rummage sale because it wasn’t working. It just needed oiling. A good machine makes all the difference. I sew a lot better now than when I had a stubborn old machine. When I lived near you I really struggled to find things that worked for my sense of modesty. I order my Plain dresses through eBay. They are inexpensive that way, even with postage.

      I made an apron for little Patience because she wanted to wear mine all the time. She has a couple and loves to wear them while “cooking” in her play kitchen or sitting on a stool helping me.

  3. I’d love to see a picture of your new bonnet too. I know you’re of UK extraction, but I must say you do have a ‘Germanic’ look (much like our Mennonites) that would be why people confuse you even more đŸ™‚

    Clean up after destroying the kitchen was one of the benefits of sharing a home with my Mom. She only cooked because she had too, so when I took over (and loved it) she was more than happy to wash up. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t think the same.

    • I will be posting more photos soon – I don’t want to create monster files that don’t load well. My family background is mostly the Gaelic speaking countries, so there is probably a fair amount of Viking mixed in. I also hope my smile lends itself to being mistaken for Mennonite. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Mennonite woman who didn’t smile quickly.

      As for husbands (and other housemates) clenaing the kitchen – I think I intimidate them by being very particular about where things go.

      • Yes, putting things away is likely a large part of why he won’t help. It’s not really being ‘particular’ on my part, our house just doesn’t have much storage space so things have to be put away ‘properly’ or it just won’t fit.

        I agree with the smiles. Even the really shy Mennonite ladies/girls will smile -especially since I started covering.

      • I think it’s me. I like to be able to put my hand on whatever I need when I need it. (I’d make a great surgeon, I think – that surgical tray better be laid out with precision!) I hate searching for anything – such a waste of time!

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