Lost and Found

This has nothing to do with “Amazing Grace.”

After keeping things in long-distance storage for a year, I’ve found some things are lost. I don’t know what happened to them. Was it that I didn’t move them? Were they among the things that were ruined and thrown out without an inventory? (I simply can’t go through anything moldy.) Did they get “left behind?” It doesn’t matter now – whatever they were, wherever they are, I am not chasing them down. So we will eventually need new vestments, new black capes, and new towels. I do have albs and some stoles here, and all the holy hardware – patens, chalices, cruets, and our aspergillum. So I don’t think the divine message is that we are out of ministry permanently. Maybe we are just suppose to look a little sharper this time around!

As for found – Teva sandals, running shoes, and a pair of Dala clogs, all of which I thought were gone forever. That saves some purchases, expensive ones, too, down the road!

If we are going to atttach divine messages to objects, I guess that means we have a journey ahead of us – but don’t we all?


5 thoughts on “Lost and Found

    • Thank you, but I’ve given up on chasubles – too heavy, way too big usually (I’m petite) and I settle for stole only at the celebration. I know. I was what used to be called a black Protestant in the church – cassock and surplice and preaching stole. I don’t know what I’ll do in the future, when I again have a parish. It will depend on the bishop, I suppose. Do you make them yourself? I have friends who might be interested.

      • A couple of the simpler ones were made by a friend; there’s also a commissioned white one, with pleats and ribbons suitable for a wedding. Also have several stoles up for grabs.

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