Friday Food Waste

Oh, it’s been a terrible week for waste. Last Friday, I was annoyed with myself because I threw out about a cup of soft strawberries. This week, I hang my head in shame.

We went back to the maritimes and picked up our household stuff. It had been in storage more than a year, some of it got wet and moldy, some of it wasn’t well packed to start with. I had glass jars full of dry foods, and most of that got tossed. I kept some of the herbs and spices, but beans, flour, rice and grains stored in a moist environment subjected to extreme temperatures aren’t safe. I tossed them all. I did keep the jars, though, and ran them through the dishwasher. I am extremely fond of my antique canning jars, and they are hard to find. That was probably a good three pounds of food, and although there wasn’t anything else I could do with it, it hurt.

I threw out a good quarter pound of feta, which had decided to harbour blue mold. Feta needs to be kept in brine, and I usually change the brine every couple of weeks after opening. This time I didn’t and it went very bad – deadly bad for me, since I have a serious penicillin allergy which has sent me to the hospital in the past. It’s why I’m so careful with food handling and storage. A mistake that would be merely unpleasant for someone else can kill me.

It was odd returning to pick up our things. We quite obviously had left things in a hurry. It looked like we had deserted because of disaster. And that is what happened – we were preparing to set up a new home, take on new work, and were making good homesteading plans when Nicholas had the stroke. We fled like refugees. Homesteading is yet again delayed due to lack of permanent facilities or income. But I truly intend to do it, God willing.

So now I have my sewing machine, my spinning wheels, pounds and pounds of wool yet to be processed, and lots to do organizing the contained chaos. And how was your week?


7 thoughts on “Friday Food Waste

  1. Your week sounds a bit tough. Mine was mostly good despite a not so fun vertigo spell all day yesterday. I would love for hubby’s feet not to hurt him so much but I am thankful he can at least get around now that the knee pain is better. So, all in all, it is mostly good.

    • All the driving was tough – as was claning out the trailer where we had stored things, and finding good things ruined. But it’s done, and the Lord will provide what we need. I am praying for you and your husband. My husband has vertigo post-stroke, and it is hard for him. I beleive it is a reflection of God’s love that we can care for our men so willingly, because it sure can be distressing at times! God bless you!

  2. Friends,

    This past week we visit our son & dtr in law in Medford, Ore. We got to meet our newest granddaughter, Grace. Charlotte born:11/11/10. We have another granddaughter, Annalise, who is 3yrs old. Before we left for Oregon we visited our daughter, Hannah and her son, Kelton, he was born 8/12/10. It was a busy time seeing all the kidos, but fun!
    love in our Jesus, Thea

    • We had a good visit in New Brunswick with young Christian friends we have known since they were teenagers. Nicholas got to see his son, and good things came out of that. Blessings to you and the growing family!

  3. We are remodeling a rental house. The last tenant pretty well trashed it inside and out. Plus it is old to begin with. After the snow melted we found dozens of #10 cans (the big commercial food cans) stacked beside the house and in the back yard. We opened a couple of them. Some are milk powder, but most are wheat berries (seeds). They are unknown age and rusty. The milk is obviously bad since powdered milk doesn’t keep long, even in sealed containers. The wheat was questionable enough that we decided to get rid of it too. Such waste!

    I don’t understand the survivalist mentality who buys dozens and dozens of bulk dry goods like that but doesn’t store them properly. Plus they need to be used and restocked so you will always have good cans. If not, by the time they are needed, they are often bad or questionable like these were. They were never designed to be shelf ornaments.

    • I’ve had that experience, too, with a family that stocked up food and then moved out leaving the detritus. It was nauseating cleaning out the basement pantry – sprouted seeds, moldy flour, spoiled powdered milk. Yes, bulk food has to rotated! I should write on food hoarding – it’s a dangerous and insidious form of hoarding.

  4. Sorry to hear about all that food loss. It couldn’t be helped and you’re right not to take chances on dodgy food. Still, this won’t happen again; it was a one-off and it sounds like you have had a very busy time recently, so no need to be hard on yourself.

    Your canning dream was so funny!!

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