E-Mail Declutter

I just deleted everything in my inbox! A few emails got moved to categories to be dealt with and for reference, but now the box is EMPTY. There was a psychological weight to seeing thousands of emails aggregate. Soem had never been read. It was electronic clutter, and I needed it to go away. I’m about to go do the same with my eBay account. I don’t need images of things I am not going to buy flopping into my inbox every day. I’ve bought what I’m ging to buy for a while, so time to say good-bye to that! I don’t subscribe to a lot of blogs and sites, so the mail I get from those is usualy theological, thoughtful and relevant. But this is my way of starting to move out from under the cyber-world and into the real world again.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed electronically? Do you have cyber-clutter? Are you spending more time on-line than you should?


6 thoughts on “E-Mail Declutter

  1. Sadly it appears to be a curse of the 21st century, consumerism run wild and hording items rather than keeping on that which is useful. However I have to admit that I am a hoarder and have piles of books that I plan to read (one day) and varies items, that will come in useful one day, and you can bet that if I do have a clear out that is when the recently discarded item will be needed. Someone once said, and I can’t remember who “keep only that which is beautiful and useful”, perhaps that should be my mantra!!!

    • You need to adopt my motto, the answer ot “I’ll need that someday.” “You can get another one.”

      I use “keep only what is useful” on the grounds that some useful things are not beautiful. When tempted to buy antiques, for instance, I ask: “Can I use it?” I don’t “decorate” or collect, so if it isn’t useful, I don’t need it.

    • Now I need to keep it clean! Our old office rule was “touch the piece of paper once” – deal with it, answer it, make the phone call, and file it. So I am doing that with my inbox. I’m filing very little!

  2. I have two extremes, I am either extremely organized or very unorganized. It is is quite hard, someone who has only met one of my sides are often confused when the other comes out…

    • I used to be very disorganized. I would put off dealing with stuff until it was out of control. I had to learn some self-discipline – and when you ahve practiced it many, many years, it is impossible to live well without it. Now I prefer things to be very orderly. In my new post I recommend the Rule of St. Benedict. I read it daily for almost a year, and it became part of my heart, like the Jesus Prayer.

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