Friday, Food Waste

I had a great upset over food waste early in the week. We had leftovers from Easter dinner – leg of lamb, roast potatoes, asparagus, bread, salad, and a yummy simple greens soup. Most everything was eaten, so there was just a little left, except for dessert. We had a pumpkin-white chocolate cheesecake with sliced strawberries and kiwi, in whipped cream.

But it wasn’t whipped cream. I sent someone else to find cream, and they brought me a can of spray-on whipped cream. I was flustered! What is this! That’s okay for topping instant hot chocolate or those funny little shortcakes from the market, but for my beautiful and delicious fruit salad, it has to be real whipping cream! (Which I sweeten and whip until it is either just thickened or in very soft peaks – not until it’s like meringue.) But there was no whipping cream to be had on Sunday afternoon anywhere in the village. I used the spray cream.

Which I regretted. It doesn’t have much taste. (I add vanilla or dark rum to real cream.) It fell flat pretty quickly. We loved the cheesecake anyway, but the cream was a bit anti-climactic.

I checked the leftovers on Monday, intending to serve the rest of the fruit salad for breakfast.

It was ruined.

Beyond hope. It had a nasty bubbly sheen to it, and when I tasted the fruit, it had a slick oily taste. The “cream” dressing had separated into ugly layers at the bottom of the bowl. It was probably edible in a technical sense, but it wasn’t palatable. I threw it out, just about two cups of it, which broke my heart a little bit.

Lesson learned: Always use the best ingredients you can. Leave out a “substitute” ingredient if it is not of prime quality.


2 thoughts on “Friday, Food Waste

  1. Agree! I am totally against fake food. I would wonder if someone was out of their senses if they brought me spray cream. I love cream, in particular in sauce. I make almost every dish with cream. And no, I do not worry about cholestrol or my weight because I simply do not believe that saturated fat is dangerous and new studies support this view. And if I am wrong, I rather live my life for a shorter time with cream than for a longer time without.

    • I miss Swedish cooking – it’s always got fresh cream, sour cream or whipped cream in it, and despite high cholesterol levels, my Swedish friends seem to live long healthy lives. As for the spray can cream – that is definitely the last time.

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