4 thoughts on “Today, Spring

  1. I enjoy the return of the light the most, here in northern Sweden we still have plenty of snow still but it is much warmer and you get that sweet spring air. I love this period the most in winter, springwinter. The actual spring is usually only 1-2 weeks here, then it is summer and green. It is fantastic how quickly nature can move sometimes, like an explosion.

    • I have not lived in sweden, but I am from the Northern part of Maine, and I lived even farther north in Canada. I know what you mean! I am just a northerner by nature, and I am toto far south for my comfort now. I love the long summer days, and that sense of spring in the far north.

  2. Yes, I am so used to the nights in summer being completely light that I find it puzzling to go to Stockholm and experience a warm evening/night when it is pitch dark. That does not seem right in my brain. When the nights return it has often started to be a bit chilly at night so I am simply not used to heat and dark nights at the same time.

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