Friday, Food waste

I may be a few minutes early…

But I threw out good food today.

A kind person had left a casserole for us. We ate about half, rather cheerily grinning at each other over a meal we didn’t have to cook. No one said the obvious, until I was clearing up.

“I’ll just pop this into the freezer,” I said.

“Hmm, OK. You might as well, I know I won’t have it for lunch.”


A quick poll around the living room. It was not a hit. So out it went. (I thought it too salty and fatty for the dogs.)

So I still feel guilty, two days later. It was a good three cups of food left, not stale or too old, just unliked. Would I have saved it if I had paid for it? Maybe, but it needed some fixing before I would have served it again. Maybe not. It may have been past redeemable in my eyes, with a discernable salt flavour.

We also have very full recycling boxes. A birthday party did not generate as much trash as I thought (despite disposables) but we cleaned out a closet and the shed, with a stack of cardboard to go.

How did you do this week in waste?

4 thoughts on “Friday, Food waste

  1. We’ve been munching on a very large pot of stew all week, so that’s good. I took a bunch of clothing that doesn’t fit me anymore to our “share closet” up at the school for others to pick up. I think we wasted money more than anything this week, due to it being the middle of the term. This is when it’s hardest for me to cook, plus Matthew works at a pizzeria. So he eats a meal there. I guess that’s not a terrible waste since he needs to eat at work. I just wish he could take a packed meal.

    • When I worked in a pub in university, we got a free meal if we worked a full shift. Maybe the employees could negotiate something.

  2. 🙂 I admire your honesty with this post, but what a shame you didn’t enjoy your gift. Never mind; we live and learn and some things are just too gross to eat…

    • I am confident that the person who gave the gift will not see the post! Maybe it would have been fine for other people, but the particular mix of ingredients was unappetizing to all of us here. Next time there’s an offer I’ll steer the giver to a loaf of bread.

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