Bonnet Beauty

Thanks and blessings to Bayley at Plain and Simple Headcoverings in Kentucky! And to Mable, the able milliner who crafted the new bonnet.

It was an “investment” piece – new, custom-made and a bit above my usual clothing expenditure. But it is also the lifetime bonnet, assuming I don’t lose it. (Not likely!) I have a small head, and I need my face shaded, so it was designed to fit me. I do love it.

If we can ever find a camera, we will post some photos.

This is where you will find Bayley:


10 thoughts on “Bonnet Beauty

    • It’s a modified Wenger bonnet, with a deep brim. My little old Wenger bonnet (child size) doesn’t shade my face, but is good for driving – no obstructed vision. This has beautiful wide ties, as well. Very Quakerly. I will persuade someone to photograph it soon. I had to have it specially made since I have a smaller than normal head, and a regular bonnet looks like a bucket on me.

  1. Bayley has beautiful things. I love the small straw bonnet she carries. I’ve hinted a few times, but I think I may need to hint stronger. Husbands don’t always get subtle πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see a picture.

    • Hm, I’m thinking of a straw bonnet, too. What works for me is to tell Nicholas what I want and ask if I can spend the money. he says,”Do we have enough?” And I say, “I wouldn’t ask if we didn’t.” And he says, “OK.”

  2. Magdelaina,

    Bayley’s merchandise is fantastic!! She’s made my lace kerchiefs and they’ve served me well for the past year. being vision impaired, she’s made subtle yet beautiful ways for me to tell them apart, with ribbon ties of varying material, some voil, some tape, some satin ribbon, either smothe or textured. Theyr’e lovely!

    I pray you have many years of good use out of your bonnet.

      • I had to give a little giggle when I read your last post πŸ™‚ It may be vain for a Quaker to look forward to showing off the new bonnet – but it’s VERY Anglican πŸ™‚ We Anglicans have always dressed well for church. Besides, it feels good to know you look good. I think God made us to look good (naturally and modestly) and doesn’t expect us to be frumpy.

        Find a camera πŸ™‚

      • I am opposed to frumpiness – just throwing on any old thing, no matter how tattered or faded. While opposed to vain and worldly expressions, I see no reason to look like a hard winter unless it has been one. And I was there this winter! However, I did make the small investment in becoming more presentable. Even when my clothes were rapidly wearing away, and Nicholas looked like he had dressed out of an old man’s closet, we were clean and mended to the best of my ability. One can always find a needle and thread, or borrow an iron.

  3. Magdalena

    Most women have to fight hard against vanity, but in your case I think you should fully allow yourself this expectance of feeling pretty in your bonnet. I have never met you personally but you do not seem vain at all so just being it a little bit for a short time should be allowed.

    I am very vain I am afraid, and I love clothes, I need to work not thinking about my next new and improved look… I just thank god that I have a personal style and do not jump on any trend, then my economy would go down the drain from clothes shopping. It is bad enough as it is…

    • Elin, I must fight vanity constantly! It might be my biggest failing perhaps. (Those who know me well may disagree.)

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