My Lack of Patience

I mean my temperment not the two year old in the household.

I have no patience with a number of things. I have no patience with time-wasting. (Forget Farmville and Mafia Wars.) I have no patience with foolish luxury. (See post on People magazine.) I have no patience with someone who corrupts the gospel and twists the words of the Lord to fulfill a political and economic agenda.

Do you hear me, Glenn Beck?

If Mr. Beck were in front of me right now, he wouldn’t want to be,because the full Irish tongue and temperment would take over. Bigger, braver men have quailed before that onslaught.

I didn’t know much about this brouhaha until friends brought it up on facebook. I don’t watch CNN, or follow newsfeeds. My world is pretty small. But for someone to call the Christian imperative of feeding the hungry, healing the sick, clothing the naked and visiting the prisoner “Communism and Nazism,” or whatever combination of word she used, is wicked. It is evil. I am sure he thinks he has reasons, but he needs to have a closer look at his own heart and at the teachigns of the Christ he claims to follow.

Don’t be fooled by such rhetoric. It is a way of rationalizing financial gain and disruptive and ruinative corporate and political policies. Listen to the words of Jesus Christ, not some guy in asuit and tie on television. We have the gospel before us and the love of Christ in our hearts, and the light of the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Beware of false prophets. Many will come before the end of all time, the Lord has warned us. Listen to Him instead.


6 thoughts on “My Lack of Patience

  1. Magdelaina,

    PREACH IT SISTER!!!!!! it seems to be de rriguer among supposed faithful, Bible Believing Christians of all stripes to regard the implementation and provision of Church based programmes to feed the poor, tend to the sick, visit the prisoner etc. as a perversion of Christianity, a means by which the change agents have transformed the church into but another arm of the socialist, marxist (along with any other ‘ist’ you please) jugganaut.

    Some go so far as to claim that it is the place of the multi-generational, dynastic, ‘visionary’ family to take care of such needs first and foremost, with the church picking up the pieces only when absolutely necessary; D. Phillips, Rushdooney and colleagues along with their brand of Christianity subscribe to this mode of thinking. Sadly, bast numbers of plain Christians (especially those not specifically affiliated with traditional Quakerism, the menonite movement etc invariably wander off in this direction. Normally I wouldn’t take the time and effort to speak of these things, but so many modest/plain dressing headcoverers (as is my experience through groups and other websites) are making the same mistake, signing onto the conspiracy theory espoused by the likes of the subject of your article.

    The likes of this
    Is sadly more the rule than the exception, especially in circles that draw plain folk in, such as the home education movement, self suficiency etc. It is a destructive travesty against the words of Christ himself. Speak out, Magdelaina, as you are the only one doing so, challenging the supposed guardians of unadulterated, biblically pure Christianity.

    It is one thing for a person to believe and take a stance themselves, it is another thing altogether for them to see themselves as judge jury, and executioner of the appostate, while seeing themselves as the only true saviours of the Faith.

    In speaking out thusly, I am likely to draw ire upon myself as treading upon tretcherous ground in saying what I have said if those who know me in such communities happen upon my thoughts. Or perhaps I am fallen to the same conspiracy mentality… May God direct my steps always.


    • If one supports social justice programmes int he church, one is a liberal; if one does not, one is a righteous conservative. I don’t want to be labelled! I follow Christ and no other. I am heartily sick of those who call themselves Christians but twist, bend and even break the words of Christ. It is as simple as the Lord put it. The Bible unequivocally calls us to justice and generous charity. There is no other way to look at it without turning it into something it is not.

      But don’t despair – lots of Old Order communities are still generous; they aren’t all drawn in to this nonsense, and there are Quakers, and there are ourselves! The simplicity movement isn’t all nutbars with guns and five years of food buried in a bunker.

  2. Not only do I not have a television but I live across the pond so I had to google the character. I think there’s something about the modern world that I can’t quite put my finger on, perhaps it’s all those endless chat shows and soundbites, but people quite innocently think it’s alright to have an opinion on things they’ve never experienced or studied. I think it was Eliot who said no-one has a right to an opinion unless they’re in possession of the evidence (or something) but it’s unheard of nowadays and everyone and their dog spouts forth on whatever they like whenever they like and this is what Mr Beck is doing: talking about Christianity with all the authority of a… Mormon. I realise I am politically incorrect and many Christians disagree with me but Mormons are not Christians; they have no more business talking about Christianity than Hindus would. It’s a sad reflection on the church that it can’t teach Trinitiarian and Incarnational theology well enough for people to realise Mormonism is a completely different religion. Speaking of false prophets.

    • If Christians weren’t so ignorant of their own faith…that’s one of the problems. They will climb on any bandwagon and ride along if the preacher says what they want to hear, and they call it truth. But first priests and ministers have to start preaching the truth from the Bible, which means they ahve to be educated first. And seminary isn’t always the best place to get a Christian education. I say get down and dirty, out on the street,working in a well-established mission, then after a few years you might know what faith is. And if we are better-educated in our hearts about Christ (and the Trinity), then maybe we won’t be swayed by every smooth-talker coming down the pike.

  3. Glenn Beck is a BUFFOON! Raised Catholic, left the church, descended in alcoholism, remarried, and is now a Mormon. Since the economy started to go down the toilet he has down nothing but preach to his listeners to stock pile food, get a generator, keep cash in the house, get ready for society to collapse – he is huge on the whole doomsday/armageddon is coming rhetoric. He did the same thing in 1999 getting his listeners into a panic over the calendar changing to 2000. Some of the things he “preaches” are aspects of his Mormon faith, such as stockpiling food, preferably a one year supply.
    As to GB stating that if your church supports social justice issues you should leave, well that pretty much includes all Catholics. The parish we attends runs a 7 day a week soup kitchen and a day shelter for homeless people, should we leave because our parish is actively living their faith and helping those less fortunate? I think not.
    I believe that GB was always the class clown as child, he has risen to fame and fortune on little more than personality, he knows how to get people riled up, however he is simpley symbolism over substance – he has had a few things happen lately that have made him look idiotic and I think he has reached the summit of his career and the rest is down hill from here.

    Scary thing is – he has a lot of loyal followers – they need to realize that GB is an entertainer only!

    • Bean, this is so well-put. I don’t think you are criticizing him for his personal problems, just pointing out a source for his possible sense of inadequacy and his reasons for overstriving and attention-getting. (And oddly, it is the second time this week I’ve seen the wod”Buffoon” and that is just what it means!)

      I am so happy that you pointed out that the most traditional of traditional, Roman Catholic Churches, do and have always, supported social justice activities and indeed a socially just way of life. (I learned that at a Jesuit University.)

      It’s the “lot of followers” that frighten me.

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