Why I Stopped Wearing Make-Up

It’s got that blunt Anglo-Saxon ring to it – make-up.Call it what it is. Not cosmetics, or maquillage, or something fancy. Make-up.

Because when we wear it, we are making up who we are.

Do you want to look younger? Do you want to be more appealing? Do you want to disguise the parts of your face you don’t like much?

Paint over it.

Now, if we buy a house and we find that the blemished walls are simply painted over to disguise the cracks, water stains and surface imperfections, we feel cheated. But it’s okay if it’s our face (and hair – dying hair to get rid of grey strands is a form of make-up.)

I’ve said it before – I was a beautiful young woman. This is not a boast, but the assessment many people made of me. Classically beautiful. Model or actress beautiful. This kind of attention was not always beneficial. Most of the time it wasn’t. People want to possess beautiful things. And people are not possessions.

The last time I wore make-up and fashionable clothes(i.e. designed to show off the feminine curves) I was told by several people that I was “gorgeous,” or “stunning,” and even “ravishing.” (I don’t want to be ravishing, in either passive or active voice) and I found it perplexing. Why did that make me a better person? Why did people pay more attention to what I said if I looked a certain way? Okay, maybe they weren’t paying more attention to what I said, just more attention to looking at me.

I’m a serious person. Take me seriously. I’ve got things to say. I’m not a porcelain doll or a work of art.

Well, God made us a certain way, and He is happy with us that way. We don’t have the right to destroy it by painting over it, altering it by surgery, or injuring it with bad health practices. If God is pleased with His creation, and said, “It is good,” shouldn’t we?


4 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Wearing Make-Up

  1. I decided not to wear make-up because I found it too time consuming, I felt that it was just a waste of my life and my time. So I stopped, first the days I went to school and nowadays I do not even use it for when I go to parties. Maybe once or twice a year I feel like wearing make-up, often for a special occation and then I do wear it, but I will never go back to wearing it full time.

    I resently stopped dyeing my hair, it was a very though decision because I have never liked my natural colour but I decided it was time for me to at least try it. Now I think my natural hair is pretty and I am very glad to have this colour. I have even found grey hairs which I did not have before and I have no panick about that even. I might colour my hair with henna sometime, but not for a long time I think. One of the major benfits from stopping the dye is that my hair quality is much improved and if I use something other than henna that benefit will disappear.

    Unlike you I do not think it is wrong to wear make-up or color your hair since they are not permanent changes, but I think that it is best to avoid it.

    • I do fall into the “austere” category of Plain – it’s not for everyone. It suits my personality, though, and I need a lot of self-discipline. I was happy to stop dying my hair; it had been wrecked with a couple of decades of hair dye! I like my grey hair – it seems to be a silvery white as it comes in.

  2. I wore makeup in high school because it was what was expected. My mother did it. My friends did it. So I did it. Then I moved to college and asked myself why I wore the stuff? My grandmother called it a woman’s war paint. Who was I trying to please? Others or myself? I stopped wearing it and hardly anyone noticed (at least if they did, they didn’t mention it to me) so I never used it again. It just left my face feeling dirty. Besides, I’m lazy at heart and could use the time for better things.

  3. i am 53 and i haven’t worn make up for the past three years. part of it is that i seem to be getting lazier as i get older, part of it is that my eye sight is not as great as it used to be and it’s difficult to do the fine detail work make up entails and part of it is that i’ve noticed it makes me look older. i look younger without it. i do still color my hair, wear nail polish and lip gloss, but that’s it.

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