Lent, Fasting

Because a controlled intake diet is being undertaken in the household, we are not strictly fasting this Lent. I’ll follow this diet for a while and try to drop some of the past year’s uptick in poundage, but I won’t continue it for long since I don’t have but a few kilos to shed.

The discipline will be to eat other things moderately, and not tempt those who are not allowed them.

I’ve blogged a lot on Lent, fasting, and the typikons for seasonal fasting. So you can go look if you are wondering.

I’m an old hand at the fast, so I’m going to just leave you with a few words of encouragement.

Don’t be proud of your fast. Answer if someone asks, but don’t judge. Also, don’t accept the judgement of others if they are critical. Stick to your discipline.

If you fall off the fast wagon, just get back on. Don’t make excuses or whine or give up.

If you need to give up – because you are sick, you have a change in circumstances, you have to move or change jobs or take care of someone else – well, that’s fine. You did what you could.

God doesn’t keep score. It doesn’t go on your permanent record.

Have a blessed Lent, and look forward to Pascha! Maranatha!


6 thoughts on “Lent, Fasting

  1. Just found your blog this week and find it interesting. Tomorrow begins the Fast of Great and Holy Lent and I’m really looking forward to it this year. Because you mention Orthodoxy here and there, I wondered if you have ever considered it for yourself.

    • I sojourned among the Orthodox for a couple of years, but my ordination was of great concern to them. I have read (should say in the process of reading) the Philokalia, and much Orthodox literature. I know the Divine liturgy well! But I felt called back to the Anglican church.

  2. Hi Magdelena,
    I’ve read your lent/fasting articles last years. I was just wondering if you could give a brief history of lent and the fasting aspect, as we don’t practice this I’m curious. Also, for those who “give up/sacrifice” something other than food for lent, what and how do you decide? Is is just a favorite pleasure or indulgence (massages, tv, internet, movies), toy or electronic device, or something more meaningful? How is the significance of your sacrifice shown after lent?

    • I like Lent, too, and even get excited about it. It’s a change from routine, and it makes me mindful of who I am and what I am doing. People don’t like to give up anything, though – we’ve become a self-indulgent culture. Hence, loads of consumer debt, diet-related disease and disorder, and a lack of self-discipline in all ways of life. The external discipline of keeping Lent, whether it is a fast, prayer discipline or spiritual reading, gives the soul and body exercise in self-limiting. It makes us sharper and stronger spiritually.

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