Off to a Conference

I am going to a conference on Vital Church Planting this week. It is the first time in almost two years that I’ve been able to attend a large gathering. I’m not a church conference kind of person, but this one looks like it will be worthwhile, with new information rather than a bunch of people congratulating each other on what a good job we are all doing! Nicholas is equipped to stay alone for two days – meals in the refrigerator to be microwaved (a skill he has recently reacquired). Although I’m a woodstove and handpump kind of gal, there are times I appreciate modern conveniences, too. This is one of them! I’ll let you know more about the conference as it happens.


5 thoughts on “Off to a Conference

  1. magdelaina,

    Please let us know how it went when you return; i pray folk will have their hearts and minds open to the Holy spirit’s leading, and that they will be guided to understand the vital heart of Christian practice and spirituality you represent. If just one other person understands; if just one other person is led to take a stand themselves…

    I pray also that out of the conference, a tangible opening is made for a proper church placement for you, be it as priest or missionary.



    • I’ve got lots to write about, but will do so maybe tomorrow or the weekend. It certainly gave me much to think about in terms of vocation!

    • Well, I certainly got lots of attention. Not that I want attention, but it is inevitable. Put a piece of pleated white fabric on your head and suddenly people give you attention. Of course, the seminar was about new expressions of being church, so the old expression of being church got noticed. I’d say that there were people there who were near-plain but don’t know it yet. Do they find an identity in that? It has to be our identity as Christians, not just some personal expression of being different. I could do that by wearing only the colour yellow, or twining silk flowers in my hair. Then people would say, “Is there any significance to the colour yellow? Why are you wearing flowers?” I would have to answer, “Just because I like to,” and that’s only a witness to my own whimsy!

    • There is certainly an attitude amongst some clergy that we shouldn’t care about our appearance at all. Some may have a false piety about it, even. But I do believe in being clean and presentable – washing our faces, putting on a cheerful countenance, as the Lord tells us. There is no reason for pride in being presentable. Is it any witness to the Lord to look as if we were dragged backward through a hedge? As for hiding – a large number of women are, to put it bluntly, uncomfortable with their sexuality, with being women. Now, I know there’s not much I can do to hide that fact. I can wear an oversized potato sack and still look lile a woman. I have no problem with being a woman and a cleric. This is beginning to sound liek a blog post for one of us!

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