Wearing a Godly Heart

I think I could be fairly criticized for overemphasizing the outward person in this blog. Certainly, my aim is to help Christians not only be Christian courageously, but to have the heart to look Christian in a world that knows Him not.

My point is not to just play dress-up, or move back to a gentler era (that never existed) but to encourage – to put it in our hearts to listen to the Holy Spirit.

The outward person should reflect the inward heart. The Godly heart will shine through rags and prison uniforms and the ravages of illness in a way no costume can match.

Fortify thyself with prayer, not just on First Day at the Lord’s Service, but at all times, in all ways. Pray without ceasing. When thy heart and mind are busy, pray with thy hands in good work, whether it is in direct service to others or in the simple ways of living life. Thy hands can pray with work in the kitchen, the garden, the office, the sewing room. Whatever thee will put thy hands to, let it be to the glory of the Lord.

Then crown or cap, thy glory will be manifest in Him who has made thee.

4 thoughts on “Wearing a Godly Heart

    • God’s blessings on you! It is a big step to take, and once taken, it is not easy to leave. Have read Quaker Jane’s posts on her journey to Plain, and her conviction? It is one of the most articulate expositions on the subject, much better than mine. I will pray for you.

  1. I’m always amazed at how many Christian ladies I know, don’t understand or value the relation between being Godly and modesty in dress (especially covering), yet it is important enough to be mentioned several places in the Bible. I think it’s wonderful you’re willing to share and take time to explain it’s significance. I agree though that outward modesty should be the refection of inward obedience rather than a costume. If not, it would be hypocracy and a lie.

    • Modesty and headcovering get more mentions than a lot of the so-called “big” issues, even in the New Testament, which is brief on following the Law and big on following the Spirit. We may not always understand why we are commanded to do something, but God always has good reasons!

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