“New” Dresses

I really shouldn’t put up this post until I’ve got some photos, but I don’t have a photographer right now.

I ordered some dresses through eBay. They were pre-owned, and I was a little wary of buying things without trying them on. But it is just as well that I didn’t. I love the new dresses!

They are Amish/Mennonite made. One is black, with a separate black cape and apron. One is lavender, with attached cape and a back zip. I also ordered a separate white cape and apron, and a cap. They are, as expected, beautifully made. They all fit exquisitely well, much better than the clothes I have.

I have a tendency to buy clothes that are too big, because I feel more comfortable and a bit more secure in hiding my – um – classically proportioned – body. This may not be practical, after all, because I realize from time to time that I look like I’m wearing some other person’s clothing. It’s a bit odd, isn’t it, that Plain clothes, made right, fitted well, make me look more feminine? They are modest enough, although Mother Kay suggested that some new, fitted undergarments might be appropriate.

Maybe it was the years in loose jackets, black skirts and cassocks, but I had fallen into a habit! Literally! I looked like an Orthodox nun, with layers of clothes and everything loose and drapey. All I needed was the kamalafke (the tall hat that looks like a truncated cone, with a little veil in the back.)

The prayer cap is a starched midwestern style Mennonite cap, with sweet little pleats up the back. It’s very formal looking, and it fits well. You can’t see the outline of my bun, like with the soft, seventeenth century country caps I usually wear.

Nicholas is very pleased with the experiment. He thinks I look younger and more feminine. That must be a good and Godly thing! Good-bye Oma!

11 thoughts on ““New” Dresses

    • I don’t know if you have resources to use eBay, but PayPal is available internationally. I had a small amount of discretionary money come in, and getting clothes that weren’t patched was a priority! The biggest fear I had was that shipping was going to be expensive, but I have been able to negotiate lower shipping costs with a little help from the sellers and looking at the US postal rates myself online. I don’t know about your Mum, but mine was really good at taking a solid hint and ordering things for me that I really needed. I miss her a lot still, and not just because she gave good gifts!

  1. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable a well made cape dress was when I first started wearing them. I need to order more because I’m shrinking with all my exercise lately (this is a good thing though). I even bought a pattern but have no time to sew. Is your cap the Eastern round variety with the rounded brim or the squared one? I’d love to see pictures when you get a chance.

    • It’s got the squared brim. I am contemplating getting some rounded ones without cap ties, since the ties are rarely tied and they often get into things – like tomato sauce.

    • Oh, I also have the “no sew” problem since my machine is still in storage. These dresses are better made than anything I’ve done, but I so need aprons – the full prairie type – and they are not available used in good shape, and are too expensive new.

      • I’ve been regretting for a year now not buying a prairie apron from e-bay that was new and cheap. You’re right, most of them are so expensive. I think the rounded caps are more feminine when you’re not required to wear a specific style.

      • I’ve been wearing the soft cap for so long that I had forgotten how nice a crisp cap looks. Although it reminds me a little of a nurse’s cap, I wore it yesterday. I like the rounded corners, too, but this one came my way at a decent price (with the white cape and apron) so I bought it. I must say that in no way does a Plain white cap make you look glamourous!

      • By prairie apron I mean the ones with a bodice that button between the shoulder blades and tie in the back, with a full apron. I’m using the term a bit loosely, because other people mean something like a pinafore dress. I’m looking for coverage, not style. Let me know some details, like how much you would like to be paid for them, and we will continue this by email. Thank you!

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