Anglicans, Speak Up!

Anglican is not a bad word. It is not something of which we must be ashamed. It is not synonymous with “hide-bound traditionalist” or “woman-hating crotchety old man.”

But you wouldn’t know that from the blogosphere.

Surely I am not the only Anglican moderate out here.

(To a given value of moderate, I admit.)

Be humble but forthright about your Anglican faith. Don’t leave the ‘net wide open for crackpots, extremists, and afore-mentioned hide-bound types. Boldly and bravely put “Anglican” in your tags!


Because I can’t stand to read any more blog posts from Anglicans who bloody well should just go to Rome already. 

I have had all sorts of problems with the church, wandered around a bit looking for that greener pasture, and yet I still came home.

Remember the other side of the parable of the prodigal son: The older brother, the good one, got reprimanded for his unloving, exclusionary attitude. There’s no virtue in being holier-than-thou.

To any bishops who might be reading (there aren’t, I know, wishful thinking): I’m ready to get back to work. There’s a million sermons in my head, a tougher attitude than I’ve ever had, and a willingness to put my hand to the plow without looking back. I promise I won’t whine and complain, or try to run away again to some beguiling church. I’ve got a real-world education now that no seminary could teach.

Resume and references supplied upon request.

2 thoughts on “Anglicans, Speak Up!

  1. Magdelaina,

    coming back to the Anglican fold, after 21 years as an SDA, has been a most sweet process. though i think the mark of my time in the wilderness will likely be with me until I’m Kingdomside, I have learnt God’s incredible love and the true meaning of the Gospel message through my return home. I am out and proud, so to speak about my Anglicanism and agree with you 100
    % about the state of our denomination as it is today I am reminded that, indeed, the enemy is the accuser of the brethren, and, this self same enemy hates the narrow way, which is neither left nor right, but right slap bang in the centrre of the path – straight ahead, fixed upon the cross of Christ. this is sadly mirrored all around us with the Anglican community fracturing into two camps; the decidedly left, and, the decidedly right with none occupying the middle ground. Oh me!! If I were a moderator with any say in the process, I’d campaign for you to be appointed to our parish in a heartbeat!! We need Anglican ministers like yourself!!!!!!! A bold and Christ-focused powerful antidote to the crusty old men on the one hand and nutty fruitcakes on the other!!

    I shall keep on praying for our Heavenly Father to reveal His purpose to you tangibly, placing you in a diocese where he needs you, as His faithful servant and able worker. I hurt for the way you’re being ignored and not considered by those who should know better!! Why does the line spoken by our Saviour Himself come to mind re prophets, acceptance and country, along with the reaction of the locals to His comment?? Enough’s enough; its time for the eyes of the wilfully blind to be opened. I shall keep on praying.

    If I were a bishop…



  2. Magdelaina,

    I couldn’t help laughing out loud at your comment re Anglicans and Catholicism… hasn’t the Pope built a lil bridge across the tiber for folk with RCC leanings?? Hmm… As a new decade dawns, I wonder what it will bring. I wonder what the Anglican church will look like in 2020…


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