Trimming the Ends…

I almost yielded to temptation. My long uncut hair, now at terminal length, is looking pretty ragged. It’s got that classic arrow-head point in the back when I brush it out, and although it is terminal length, some of it has broken so it doesn’t look as long as it did a few months ago. And I almost, looking in that mirror, trimmed it.

It was a big mirror. I could see more of myself than I’ve seen in a long time. And I admit, I watched some television commercials about beautiful hair. They are a terrible influence on a Plain woman!

Then I thought, “Hey,who ever sees the ends of your hair? Are you really measured as a beautiful person by your split ends, that are firmly tucked up under a plain white cap? Um, no.”

The most demanding judge of your appearance is you. You hold standards much higher than anyone else.

MY plan is to get a little mirror for the closet where I keep my caps and pins, and stay away from the television!


2 thoughts on “Trimming the Ends…

  1. We really are our hardest judges. I fight with that a lot. I’m a little heavier than I want to be and on my 5 ft frame it really shows. But my darling husband doesn’t see that. He’s see’s the tiny, beautiful woman he fell in love with. How I wish I could see me through his eyes.

    • I know what you mean. Our life changes over the past few years have put some weight on my small frame, too, so I am not the athletic younger woman I was. Nicholas really doesn’t care. I think he prefers the extra curves. My weight is pretty stready now, and I no longer try to fight the extra pounds. And I’ll use the “It’s winter!” excuse as well, which works when you live in the North.

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