Anglo-Catholico, Moderate-High Church

No, that does not describe me at all. I am so far from Catholico-anything. While moderate in the via media kind of way, I am not exactly high church anything either. I’d describe myself as Anglo-Chocolate maybe, because I’m sweet-tempered with a dark side.

The blogs are dominated by the whole Anglo-Catholic group, whinging and moaning about ordained women, Pope Benedict the latest, and so forth. Boring, fellas, so twenty years ago. time to grow up and move on.

Really. The kingdom will not come just because you are whining like brats.

3 thoughts on “Anglo-Catholico, Moderate-High Church

    • Magdelaina,

      “…The kingdom will not come just because you are whining like brats.

      LOL! Sometimes it looks that way… God must hold His head in His hands and let out an almighty groan at the antics that are going on in the Anglican (and others) Church at present…fighting like two discontented siblings! This can’t be good for our (collective Church) witness to the world…

      The opposing sides seem to be polarized by two key issues (we all know what they are) while ignoring greed, corruption, selfishness, the needy (spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically), the Great Commission! How many are starving for lack of good godly food and how much does the church lay itself open to be regarded as a laughing stock and irrelevant by broader society? yes, Jesus did say we would be persecuted and hated for His sake but friends, we don’t need to MAKE THIS ANY WORSE BY OUR OWN ACTIONS THAN IT NECESSARILY HAS TO BE (shouting at the greater Church, here…)

      You’ve mentioned (I think either in a past article here on Anglican Plain or as a comment on another blog that the English church (in particular) has a history of faithful woman ministers that stretches back a thousand years. I would be greatly appreciative if time permits, if you could perhaps write a brief article highlighting this history that seems to have been forgotten by most – with opponents of women in ministry pointing to 18th and 19th century Unitarians and the like as the early examples of this practice and offering rather disingenuous appraisals of said groups as the fountainhead of troubles in the church etc etc I’m sure you’re no stranger to such views. Are you able to recommend any good accessible resources?

      many thanks and blessings for your fabulous ministry through ‘Anglican Plain’!

      • Perhaps once again it is time for women to step forward in ministry, ordained or not, and push the rest of the church along. I canot believe the amount of wasted time and money spent on debating issues, holding workshops, seminars and conferences. Move along, folks, nothing to see here, just the train wreck that is the modern church! You are so right, that sometimes we increase the persecution and ridicule with childish antics.

        I am appalled that some groups (you know who you are, stop hiding behind your cassock) hold secret meetings and form parachurch orgaizations in order to rid themselves of us unwanted elements. This is just power-mongering and secret anything is so opposed to Christian doctrine that you should all wither in shame. To the rest of the world, this looks elitist and dangerous; it smacks of Rosicrucians and Knights Templar and some shadowy Jesuit enclave controlling the world. If you are playing that game, guys, time to put down the toys and grow up.

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