Plain clothes, detected

I am a bit discouraged about drssing plain these days. My clothes are wearing out, I have no funds, and no sewing machine with me! It may be weeks yet before I can retrieve my stuff, including the mighty Pfaff, from New Brunswick. (Hoping it’s still there, and hasn’t been discarded from storage! It was’t a formal arrangement, nor very secure.) I am patching and mending as much as I can – sweaters, dresses, aprons. I did pick up a shirt and shoes for Nicholas at a rummage sale, and night clothes for myself, but suitable plain clothes? No. Although some of the donations in their 80s high style might make anyone look dowdy…

While we have shelter and food, I simply have no cash at all. Outside of looking like a hard winter until I am employed or the disability pensions starts, I don’t have many options. Few communities run a clothing bank anymore, preferring the rummage sale or Salvation Army donation route. That just doesn’t help people who have NOTHING.

Are we making too many assumptions these days about what people can manage? Are too many falling through the cracks? Even one is too many.

Am I going to have to give up Plain just so I can cover myself in a suitable way? I pray it won’t come to that. But sensible, modest clothes, used or free, are very hard to come by, in a country where everything is disposable.

5 thoughts on “Plain clothes, detected

  1. When my daughter was a baby, we couldn’t afford clothes with winter coming on and everything was outgrown or outworn. Salvation Army gave a voucher to use at their store. They say how many of each item (shirts, pants, hats, etc) you are allowed. The bad thing is if you don’t use it all at one time, you can’t go back for the rest. We just had to go to their social services office and fill out some paperwork. Very humbling, but it kept us warm.

    • I wouldn’t mind, but the nearest Sally Ann is more than an hour away! I may put out a quiet request through the church for both the sewing machine and clothes to make over. We have winter coats, and I think my boots will get through another winter. If not, the Lord will provide.

  2. if you will email me your size, i will see what i can gather and ship to you. i’d need your address, as well. it may not be much, but i’m certain i can gather a plain blue-jean jumper (dress, here, not sweater) and a plain cardigan. if i can find some sturdy not-too-flashy (cotton or wool) fabric, would you care for that as well? i’ve never shipped to canada, but i’m willing to have a go.

  3. i forgot to ask if you crochet or knit, as i could send some yarn to do so and a crochet hook (but i have only one pair of needles myself). if you need knitting needles, might i suggest bamboo skewers or chopsticks? they actually work quite well.

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