Peacekeepers for Christmas?

I think we all get those toy flyers from a department or discount store about this time of the year. I don’t usually look at them, but this year I thought about a gift for a special little girl, and wanted to see what is out there. I know something she isn’t getting.

“Power team world peacekeepers!” There’s the elite lookout, the fighting vehicle with 2 figures, the military vehicule (sic), the aerial rocket helicopter and the World battlefield with 6 figures. This all looks like attack gear to me. No white personnel carriers with “UN” on the side, lots of camo but no blue berets. Peacekeepers? I don’t think so.

It’s the same bloody lie that governments tell. An invasion is not keeping the peace. It is not preventative first strike. It’s war, declaration of war, and making war. It’s not keeping peace.

Who’s twisted idea was this? Teaching children to play war is a war crime. Oh, yes, I know, kids have always done it, but why should they? Why should children know what war is? For many children it is not play. It is their reality. They live in war zones; they live in death zones. Some will go to war before they have reached puberty. Others will die as victims of bombs and bullets.

For the sake of the future, do not give your children war toys. Give them peace toys. Give them a pretend farm or their own garden tools. Give them a Bible, a roll of kraft paper and a lot of crayons, and ask them to draw a world of peace. Put that up in your home as a poster, as a reminder, with Bible verses about peace. Pray for peace every day. Pray for a day when a child doesn’t have to be afraid of guns and tanks.

“They shall beat their swords into plowshares…and study war no more.”


4 thoughts on “Peacekeepers for Christmas?

  1. Amen. Why war toys indeed when there is so much real violence. Do we really need to anesthetize our kids to the reality of it by making it into toys and games? They should learn peace by making peace, not pretend war. That seems hypocritical. My kids aren’t allowed violent toys or games. I also tell friend’s parents not to allow them if they play at their house and why. What’s that saying about what you take into your hands, you take into your heart?

  2. I was looking at the Christmas toy ads today. There was a M-16 Peacekeeper toy gun for $7 complete with knife bayonet for ages 5 and up. At a glance, it was pretty realistic looking. Why is that fun or appropriate for kids?

    • Oddly, I have had a number of hits on the blog post from people who must be looking for the toys! Ha! So subversive! I just wisht hey would drop a comment rathe than ghosting in and out.

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