I tentatively suggested that some of us traditonal/Plain Anglicans in Ontario try to mee. That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere… So there’s the answer from the Holy Spirit, maybe. And maybe I made it too tentative and too restrictive.

Conservative Quakers have their yearly meetings. The Brethren have their yearly meeting. Other traditional groups have yearly meeting. These differ from synod and convention in that they are more spiritually oriented, with some business, rather than the other way around.

So the rest of you out there: maybe headcovering, traditional, maybe not Anabaptist or Quaker or maybe yes: Do we need a conference/meeting/gathering? Over and above bishops, presbyteries, conventuals and other defined leadership terms? This is NOT to start a new church, maybe, unless the Spirit so leads. It is NOT to challenge authority but to gently bypass it.

I say this because I am under authority. It isn’t being particularly responsive to me right now,but it is still there in a bizarre and twisted headship kind of way. (And knowing church history, I ask, why is this still happening?)

Is there a need for us isolated Plain folks to meet and do things the old-fashioned way – face-to-face? It is so easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet, to make statements that don’t have to be carried forward. Is it time to take the leap?

9 thoughts on “Rephrasing…

  1. Have you ever read anything by Scott Savage? He is very into the plain life. Scott is a quaker, lives off the grid, turned in his drivers license, married, all children born at home, they grow/preserve their own food etc. He has nothing at all on the internet, but has written a few books, and publishes a monthly newsletter, the newsletter is printed on an old handset printing press, Scott is located in SE Ohio, he has organized meetings in the past, one was a luddite type meeting. And, of course he attends a regular quaker meeting. Type his name into Amazon and you can at least read reviews of his book. I think you will like his writing, and ideas.

    • I have The Plain Reader; it’s even kind of a handbook for us! I’d like to subscribe to Plain, but long lost the contact address. I know Scott produces a very limited number each month; I worked in an old print shop when I was a kid, so I know how much more work goes into the letterpress. Yes, I’m thinking of a kind of luddite meeting, only more spiritual.

  2. Magdelaina,

    Praise God that you’re now moved in and back with us! I will continue to uphold both yourself and Nicholas in prayer, that you settle in well. concerning the importance of a face to face meeting, if for no other reason than for the possibilities regarding fellowship and encouragement such would open up, I believe this to be of vital importance. it is a lonely road to walk, the covered, modest, simplified path in a denomination that can so often be anything but. In terms of authority, when diocees begin to actively turn from the traditional Anglican structure of ministerial order due to financial losses, one is left just a little bewildered…

    I do not believe such a meeting would defy any existing structure and order of church authority, any more than a self-organized meeting of Anglican young mothers, retirees, persons with disabilities etc would. I hunger desperately for the opportunity to meet other Anglicans who cover and modest dress – hey – any fellow follower of Christ who covers and modest dresses would be warmly received, here in Australia! We need to know we’re not alone; I have met a fellow coverer in person upon two separate occasions only (We live at opposite ends of the nation!), and, believe you me, the connection, the contact, the stepping into the ‘waking world’ is incredibly profound! We need this.

    Imagine!! A gathering, retreat, convention, meting, (choose your term) of covering modest/plain Anglican sisters (and family) would be wonderful!! to pray together, as one, for God’s truth in these matters to spread like wildfire among Christian men and women everywhere – among anglicans everywhere – The power of God’s presence…!! Remember, wherever two or three are gathered together…



    • I hope that others as well as Anglicans would be interested. And the power of God’s presence, I hope, would be with us, which is sometimes so missing from the pews (and sanctuary).

      My problem with polity is that my bishop, having re-established communication at my request, promptly disciplined me and then ignored me. I couldn’t get to a meeting he scheduled, called two days beforehand to schedule it as a telephone conference instead, and have never heard back. In four years I have had an hour and a half of pastoral care. Either it’s a really simple issue – he wants us to go away and not bother him- or it’s a complex interpersonal issue and I haven’t got a clue.

      The relationship of a priest to a bishop is a lot like that of a wife to a husband, and as my sisters here know, sometimes that is not only difficult but incomprehensible.

  3. i’d love the chance to meet plain brethren, regardless of denominational affiliation, face-to-face. unfortunately, unless everyone converges here at my house, i can’t. but i’d be happy to know if anyone does gather and what comes of it.

    • I think if this ever comes together (keep praying!) we might be able to set up a link for virtual participation. That’s not so hard anymore! Ha! Plain folk communicating electronically – but it is so much faster than the apostolic model of scribbling a letter down on some scrap pf parchment or papyrus, handing it to someone who is mostly trustworthy heading in the right direction, and hoping it gets there eventually, barring bandits and storms!

  4. Magdelaina,

    I will be praying that your ‘higher-ups’ will treat you with a little more support and civility. Once again, I fervently think organizing such a meeting as you invisage is NOT riding rough-shod over your bishop; Ordained minister or no, I perceive anything like this you organize would be as much about one plain, modest soul reaching out for contact and spiritual fellowship from other plain, and simply modest souls.

    You’re perfectly correct re technology ( touch of irony…) Skype etc make video conferencing for those of us far, far away a real possibility. And as for the older method… I had to smile! it is rather amazing to post modern insensibilities that anything thus transmitted ever made it to its destination let alone survived down through the ages, but obviously it has, from the Vindalander letters (excuse spelling) to far eastern documents, we’ve got them even now…how much electronic letters, musings, documents etc will have survived into the centuries (if our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ delays his return for some reason for a few hundred years)…

    on a local television programme on Wednesday night, some interesting statistics were shared. in the UK, during and post wwII, virtually all the nation’s fruit and vegetable needs were met locally, more often than not through the allotment system. Now, half to two thirds of their fruit and vegetables are imported…as the anti simple and tragically enslaving new post war ecconimy has been fully realized in all its diabolical inglory. As of around 2002, 2003, the world’s population tipped from the agricultural majority to the urban majority. coupled with the multinationals tightening the stranglehold on seed production etc,the ordinary man and woman are being forced into a mould of dependancy upon an economically and eccologically unsustainable system. I could go on about local and state government future planning strategies actively forcing out local agriculture, meaning cities can no longer feed themselves as they once did, more or les, even 30-40 years ago, but that would require a post in own right!

    should we strive to address and rectify this state of affairs for the sake of our children and theirs, or is it an unavoidable symptom of the ‘last days’?

    I look at young couples I know who both commute long distances to work, but cannot afford to do anything less if they are to keep a roof over their heads, as in this part of the world, even rental prices for questionable acomodation is scandellous. Furthermore, this modern, diabolical way of doing things divides and conquers re family, as many grown children can simply no longer to afford to live in the locale of their parents, due to disgraceful rises in the housing market; thus parents and children are separated; young couples are far from support of either family…sometimes folk can live and settle locally to one another, but all too often, this is proving increasingly difficult. Then there’s the state of the family itself; the last 40 years have seen an unprecedented breakdown of the family unit. ‘Last days’?



    • Thoughtful remarks, Sarah. Is al this a result of the fervor of the last days? Probably, but we must still try to win souls, provide for the poor, live a life of praise, joy and in the hope of glory. Matthew 28 still stands! Not one yod or tav has disappeared!

      I am stil waiting for responses as to organizing a Plain Convocation. Please pray about this and ask others you knowwho might be interested.

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