Another minor observation…

…which is concerning tag surfing on wordpress! I can, in management mode, check out what other bloggers have posted under the same tags. I consistently look for “anabaptist, mennonite, amish” but I had taken off Quaker a while ago, so I added it back in. Oh, yeah, that’s why I removed it – I get lots of recipes using Quaker Oats!

I took off “anglican” as well because mostly I got a bunch of Sunday sermons and ID pictures of smiling men in chasubles. Note to priests: Don’t post pictures of yourself in a chasuble. It is one of the least flattering of clerical garments, the liturgical fashion equivalent of the late-1960s poncho.


One thought on “Another minor observation…

  1. Being a Christian Quaker I am glad thee added it back in. A prayer request if I may, we are flying to Oregon 10/17, returning 10/21. Have not flown in over 30 years so feel rather daunted by the up coming flight. Please pray for a safe flight. I thank thee, in our Jesus!

    Thea Pollock

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