I just had a nice time looking at the witness of a headcovering young mother at knittingprose. I suggest you give her well-written, informative blog a look! She recommends an etsy shop called “Garlands of Grace,” and I was impressed by their pretty, feminine and not at all Anabaptist headcoverings! For those who are not called to the prayer cap and the flat-Plain way of dress might be interested in their products – snoods, wide bands, kerchiefs and long coverings.


6 thoughts on “Headcoverings

  1. I love the coverings at ‘Garlands of Grace’. I have the ‘cecily’ style one in a pretty floral. So easy to wear and comfortable. I get mistaken for Mennonite (must be my German blood) enough without wearing a traditional cap

    • Yes, they are sweet! I can imagine some of my younger friends wearing them. Part of my reason for Plain dress, not just modest dress, is my lifelong vanity. My niece posted some photos of the family on facebook, and there I am at five or six years old, posed like Shirely Temple, blonde and proud in my pink party dress! I needed to discipline myself.

    • The Homestead Project is the name of the blog, at wordpress. I couldn’t find the link, since I tag surfed it.

      • oh my cow! I’m glad you have enjoyed my blog. It has been quite the journey these past few months.
        the link to my blog is http://thehomesteadproject.wordpress.com/

        Magdalena, I have to tell you. When I was really searching, trying to figure out what exactly it was that God was calling me to, I discovered your blog. I read every post in one evening. You have been such a blessing to me and big help in finding my way. Funny that you found me. = )
        Thank you so much.


      • Thank you for sending your link! I love your blog, especially the photos of your children. I love to see a Christian family working together. God bless you!

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