More on Homesteading

Discernment has been completed; we wait until next spring to homestead. I opened the issue to our local church community, and too many people love my dear husband to want to spend the winter worrying about him! So we are looking for a living situation on road, with telephone.

But we are sure we are called to live the country life; it is not just the continuation of our crazy seventies coming-of-age. The world is changing, many of thee know this. Christians must stand up to be counted, as Christians, as standing for a better Way, as standing for Christ and God’s creation. The materialism of modern life is not the way of Christ. He had nowhere to even lay His head unless it was given by a friend.

I am going to state this plainly, as I should:

We are not capitalists. We are pacifists. We are not liberal, nor conservative. We are Traditional, Plain, and Anglican. We are orthodox in our theology and Bible interpretation. We are not going to pursue careers or rise in the organization.

I am going to hold with my policy of granting comment to other Christians. If you are going to tell me that prayer is wrong and doesn’t work; that my faith is juvenile, egotistical or fanatical; if you don’t believe in the Bible:

Comment elsewhere. Start your own blog.  There are lots of agnostics and atheists who will let you slam christians all you want.

This is not the place for that.

This is a place for sisters (and brothers) in the faith. Anyone is welcome to read, but keep your comments uplifting and helpful. I will not have my blog turned into a catfight.

Unity and peace are not achieved by hateful words, blame-placing and fighting. We are not here to work out your disappointments in the church or with me!


5 thoughts on “More on Homesteading

  1. I’m glad you decided to wait until spring to homestead. I too would be worried about you this winter. There is so much to do to be ready for the winter on a homestead, it will be better to have the whole year to get ready. I hope you are able to find some people to support your case with Disability. We’ve had many arguments with them over the years to get my mom enough support.

    • Yes, it is getting too late in the year. The church here is being very supportive with meeting our basic needs, even looking for housing for us. We very much want to stay in this area (NW New Brunswick) and God does work in very mysterious ways…more later on the good fight! Bless you.

  2. Magdelaina,

    May God bless you in this decision of discernment and grant you both the opportunity to prepare for Christ’s plans for your lives. I will keep praying that a winter home is provided and that tangible possibilities manifest themselves if God wills you to homestead in the Northern Spring. I will also pray that the inflexibility and intransigence of the beurocracy yields to compassion and geuine will to assist, that the necessary support becomes available. I also thank God for your community who are supporting you to the best of their ability.

    I give thanks to our Heavenly Father for illuminating, through the example of your own lives and witness, the way of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of god – both ‘now and not yet’.



    • Thank you for your continued support and prayer. I truly hope that God will help us get back on our feet, and not only spport ourselves fruitfully, but bless others through our labour! It’s the parable of the talents. We should take what God has granted us – even though we did not earn it ourselves – and turn it into a many-fold blessing for others, to His glory and greatness.

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