Complications, as usual

Sometimes we wonder why the Lord keeps us waiting…

Nicholas’s application for a disability pension was turned down. We are without income. We have been depending on family, friends and the church community to keep us going this while. Now we are literally down to the last pennies and praying hard…

If anything, this has deepened our resolve to stay where we are, but we may be reduced to eating burdock roots and wild apples, and maybe hazelnuts if the squirrels don’t get them all.

Yes, we have tried social services – we don’t qualify because we don’t have a street address! I have phone calls in everywhere, trying to get things striaghtened out. Mostly, I pray.

Friends, please pray for us, that we will not be forced into a life that is not worth living. Our biggest fear is that we will be separated if I have to return to the United States to work, since Nicholas does not have a passport and cannot cross the border at this time. (New regulations – as if that is going to stop criminals and terrorists, who have read all the John leCarre novels and have fake IDs.)

Someone said to me that when God closes a door, he opens a window, but I really don’t see what that is supposed to mean – do we climb through the window to escape, or are we waiting for something to blow in? Lately, that’s been hurricanes!

Many thanks to all of thee for thy prayers and advice. I have learned a lot.


5 thoughts on “Complications, as usual

  1. I think the saying, “when God closes a door, he opens a window”, means there is more than one way to skin a cat 🙂 Continue to pray for discernment, and most importantly to pray for God’s will for your life, sometimes His will for us, is not what we expected. Please do not despair, life is always worth living, although at times it can be a struggle. Bloom where you are planted, and remember God is always with us!

    • But who needs a cat skin? Of course, God’s will is hard to discern sometimes, especially when our own desires get in the way. As Thomas Merton said, “Desire is the enemy of your heart.” I will write something on discernment soon. I’d say that the process is not yet complete, since the church is now involved. But it is so good to have that supportive family of God around us, helping, praying and caring. First Day, one of the readings in worship was from the letter of James, on doing as well as praying! Pray with thy hands as well as thy heart… God bless thee always!

  2. Definitely praying for you and Nicholas. Try appealing disability’s decision. Get more doctor’s notes if possible. My mom was turned down the first time -they said rheumatoid arthritis wasn’t a chronic disease and she might get better -ha! Her rheumatolgist wrote another letter letting them know just how stupid they were and to smarten up. Maybe you could get a good letter from a doctor to help.

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