Modesty, Christian Girls and Women

Summer is upon us in the Northern hemisphere, and I don’t think I’ve seen so much exposed cleavage outside a LaLeche League meeting. We can’t speak to unbelievers about their behaviour. We have to witness to them first, show them the way of Christ, and then lead them into Godly ways.

But young Christian (and older) women – what are you thinking?  Who would ever know that you have opened your Bible and read the epistles of Paul and Peter? You look and act and talk worldly. What difference is Christ making in your life? What kind of witness is that? Dressing in worldly and salacious ways is the same as lying down with pigs. You will get up covered in mud.

Paying too much attention to your clothes, face and hair means you are concerned about the world’s opinions. Be more concerned with the state of your soul!

Sisters of an age, you should be examples. Instead you are wearing tight jeans and shorts, tops suited for much younger and slimmer women, and cutting off your hair while dying it artificial colours. Are you unhappy with your years of experience and wisdom? Can your daughters look up to you as examples of Christian virtue and humility? Apparently not, because you are all about vanity and self-interest. Christian sisters for millenia have turned to the wisdom of the apostolic church to order their lives, but we now turn away from that tradition and go after the world.


4 thoughts on “Modesty, Christian Girls and Women

  1. Well said! I am at times embarrassed by the spectacle of flesh parading around the grocery store, but this is what popular culture promotes and so many fall for it. So sad to see middle aged, adults men and women with short shorts, a too tight tank top, sagging tatoos, over processed hair, and the signs that alcohol and cigarettes have taken their toll over the years, yet these people see themselves as “cool”. They have been sold a bill of goods and don’t even realize it.

  2. I recently blogged on the topic of modest biblical dress, so I was interesting to find your post on maintaining modest biblical dress during the summer time.

    Today I wore a long beige linen skirt and a white top that covered to my collar bone and my elbows (hand-me-downs from an older cousin) with flipflops and my top felt so hot. I cannot imagine how the Muslim women in niqabs and hijabs manage. Heat is the main issue for me.

    I went to the beach yesterday, but could not go swimming because I could not find suitable clothing. I read recently a writing that when Adam and Eve had covered their waists with aprons God said their clothes were inappropriate and provided them with proper clothes- meaning that swiming suits and bikinis come under the “inappropriate” title.

    I was then surprised to be told by a man that “I looked sexy”. I had thought I was quite plainly dressed and modest! My skirt was loose and my clothes patternless. Maybe he found my covering up appealing?!

    • I’ve had the same kind of comment. What?!! Some men associate the full coverage with Victorian sexual repression and its many outlets…but let’s not go into detail. I agree about the beach. But it’s a beach, so people aren’t going to wear much and we just have to accept that. I don’t do more than paddle anymore for the same reason and I even feel weird showing off my ankles…
      Try India cotton blouses, really loose, with a t-shirt under for modesty, or a light vest over. Air circulation will take care of that hot, sticky feeling.

  3. I don’t mind the peoples attire at the beach, but I don’t care for the swimming suits in the shops. I’m not prudish in any way,but I just don’t like the high thigh bikini swimming suits.

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