Nicholas is out of hospital, and doing fairly well. He is still very tired. We pray for further recovery. Now we need to find a place to live, and I must find some work. The myth of the great Canadian safety net for the unemployed and disabled is just fiction.

It has been a rough two months, and I was sustained with prayer, especially the prayer of those around us. It looks to be another couple of rough months as we transit from illness to wellness.


One thought on “Absence

  1. Magdalena, I’m so glad to hear Nicholas is doing so much better. I know what you mean about support for the disabled. Mom has arthritis really bad, has for years, and can’t work. ODSP (disability) pay her such a pittance every month. If we didn’t live up here where the cost of living is lower, I don’t know how she would survive (if she didn’t have our help). And they certainly find any reason to cut back her support any chance they can.

    Are you going to stay down East, or move back to Ontario with family? You’ll continue in my prayers.

    PS, you might be interested to hear that my dad and step mom were up to our house over mother’s day weekend. We had a pretty good visit. He even brought some family treasures (pictures, Grandma’s rosary, etc) for my family tree research. Maybe he has changed after all.

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