Tea or Taxes?

Although I live in Canada, I am an American, and I studied American history. I am just not enamoured of the political nonsense I see going on in the States right now. (Nor some of what is happening in Canada, either…) The Boston tEa Party was a protest against taxation without representation, a different matter from too much taxation with representation. But Americans don’t really have a heavy tax burden, compared to other countries. Maybe they should look around a bit and stop being so parochial. My biggest issue with the tax protesters is that they want to stop helping the poorest people, or people who need a hand while in a difficult spot.f They are not protesting the huge amount of money wasted on a foreign invasion that beenfitted no one but the companies that supply the Pentagon. This “war” is not justifiable, and certainly not just. How can we possibly fit this action into a gospel of peace, self-sacrifice and humility? There is no peace, as the prophet said; there is a huge amount of self-indulgence and humility is nowhere apparent in North American politics.

Perhaps I shouldn’t get into political issues, but we live in a political world, and Christians must stand up to injustice and evil. I take my stand beside Jesus Christ, I pray, and the Holy Spirit will guide Christians in their response through these last days.

Now is the time to stand up for what you believe. There may not be much time left, as in the days of Noah.


5 thoughts on “Tea or Taxes?

  1. We know the nations will not conduct themselves in obedience to God, and there are not enough true Christians (and never have been) to make a kingdom of peace. For that we await Jesus.
    I agree we are living in very important times.
    All the best,

  2. Magdelaina,
    I’ve not checked in for a while now, its wonderful to see you writing again; I am upholding you and your husband in prayer for strength, healing and guidance. As for politics; hmm; though our Christian situation is woeful here in Australia, the poor, the hard up, the vulnerable and the sick do have a fighting chance 9though we can always do better). I pray that the Australian custom of reaching out to the underdog is mirrored by a rekindled faith in our heavenly Father, that we (the Australian people) remember from whom our bounty flows…

    Indeed, I believe its all careering to a head at breakneck, exponential speed. Though we’re forbidden from speculating, Christ’s return, I believe, is far more immanent than many believe.

    Let us all be ready so when Jesus returns, we will be right with Him.

    Matt 25: 34-40 doesn’t just speak to me, it cries out to me loudly.

    may you be wonderfully and fully blessed,


  3. Magdelaina,
    Thee is correct we don’t have a heavy tax burden compared to other countries. My impression is the tax protest was about the burden the US budget will put on generations that come after us, this is not right !

    Christ’s Peace, Thea

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