Important News

My dear husband, Nicholas, had a stroke last week, and then fell and was injured badly in the hospital. I ask that you all pray for him at this time. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Important News

  1. Dear Magdalena,
    I hope that is thy name. I was sorry to read of Nicholas having a stroke and then taking a fall in hospital. May God bring a healing to him!
    thy friend in Christ, Thea Pollock

  2. Oh my dear Magdelaina,

    My Heart and soul cry out with you, dearest sister. Oh, but this is painful news indeed! I will fervently uphold him in prayer before our heavenly Father, that the Great Physician holds your husband in the hollow of His hand, guiding the doctors and other health workers entrusted with his care and wellbeing. I will also pray for you that at this dreadfully dark time in your life, when it can so often seem God has fled us altogether, that He makes His Spirit known to you in a very real and tangible way. Oh Magdelaina, my heart does cry with you…
    words seem so inneffective; so unable; I wil trust God hears my – our prayers.

    With love and blessings ever and always,


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