Christian Women on Television

We are staying in a household with a television. Not being tele-people, we have been channel-surfing and stopped on Vision TV, at 100 Huntley Street. I haven’t watched much Christian TV except the Daily Mass, and I was quite shocked by a “Christian” group of women, talking about their businesses, and looking like runway models. Styled and dyed hair, lots of makeup, very trendy and somewhat revealing clothes. What about them said “I am a Christian woman?” Nothing, except some superficial talk about Jesus. They sounded like an investment club.

Ladies, most women cannot relate to these television personalities. I have no interest in relating to them, except to say “Repent!” Am I being judgemental? Or discerning?

Our Lord does not call us to make good investments. Our Lord does not call us to fit into the world by looking worldly. Our Lord calls us to follow Him in simplicity and humility, to be honest and plain and obedient, that our yes be yes, our no be no, and our appearances be as He made us. When the world looks at us, they should see a Christian in appearance and behavior. We don’t need to be admired. We don’t need to be desired. We need to follow the words of Jesus Christ, He crucified, risen to new life, and calling us to Him.

Don’t be deceived. The world will try to sell us Christianity. But we are to look to Him in faith.


One thought on “Christian Women on Television

  1. I have to say to this… I totally agree! I work with about 12 ladies who call themselves christian… hmmm NOT! They to dress and look like the rest of the population of women who look more like ladies of the nite then Godly women. They are used to me looking different then them. It took a while! I wear headcoverings and long skirts and dress modestly. I think sometimes it is hard for them as I think it might convict them at times. Some of the ladies now will wear skirts and even hats… But the Lord has to reveal the truth to them and change their hearts. Really enjoying your posts… oh I used to leave in Kingston Ontario. It is where I grew up. I live in B.C at the moment, but will be moving is about 2 months to Texas. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Blessings Debylin

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