About the only way I really feel like an apostle is that we seem to get moved from place to place rather quickly and, if I didn’t know it was the will of God, whimsically. We are not whimsical people. And yet here I am again, just under a year from the last move, packing.

So what does God have in mind for us now? We are looking forward to returning to the East Coast, but why? We hope to revive our last mission, in a little more organized, but Spirit-filled way. We are definitely not the people we were a year ago. God gave us a good shakedown and brush-up, and in a strange but wonderful way, made us yet more serious as Christians and missionaries. More and more of our old selves drops away. More things are divested. We are in our quiet little way less frivolous than ever. (I don’t believe Nicholas was ever frivolous, but I have been known to frizzle on occasion, always to my own detriment.)

With the new depth of sobriety has come a new depth of joy. This is the reward for a calm soul and mind, that we can appreciate and love God even more, and have a deeper look into eternity. 

I do not know when the computer will be up and operational, but expect to hear more when we arrive within a stone’s throw of the Atlantic.

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