I have found Boots!

I have said before that I was looking for the hundred-year boots. Fashion boots, even the plain ones, wear out after just a few seasons. I’m hard on footwear. I’m on my feet a lot, working at home or walking. Weather doesn’t stop me much. I need good boots and I want them to last.

My husband is the same way. He is fed up with cheap footwear. He hangs on to the old shoes that are comfortable until they are past redemption, and he still wears them. He really needed winter boots this year. He had an old pair of steel-toe workboots, but they had separated at the sole, and were as waterproof as a colander. Nicholas needs steel-toed boots, too. He’s a do-it-himself guy and his favourite tool is a ten-pound maul. He wears steel-toed boots in the gym, too, because he doesn’t do any aerobic stuff. He lifts free weights, and a lot of weight at one time. A dropped bar or a couple of 40-lb. plates could mean a broken foot.

We recently moved to a city with a great downtown area. It still has stores where common people like us would shop, not just the haughty Rodeo Drive type place some cities encourage. One of the stores we visited recently is an Army Surplus store. It’s got real surplus, not just cheaply made camping gear, like some places.

And it has boots. Steel-toed scuffed up seconds, but otherwise, good new boots. We found a pair of CSA rated boots for $30. They are weatherproof and insulated. Finally! Good boots, good price!

But I’m not going to wear steel-toes. I would get a wee bit tired carrying my feet around all day. Still, I found something there.

Parade dress boots. In bitsy sizes, for I suppose, bitsy soldiers. Black, plain, really cheap boots that look like they may last one hundred years. Next spring, I know where I’m buying my Easter shoes. (Yes, R & A, your mother will wear Army boots.)


2 thoughts on “I have found Boots!

  1. I used to buy hiking boots from army surplus until they quit using them. Ugh. Now it is hard to find decent hiking boots. Most are too stiff and uncomfortable or flimsy unless I want to shell out a small fortune.

  2. I have tough old feet. At some point, I have broken all my toes and some bones in my right foot. (Animals, mostly sheep.) When I worked on steel-decked boats I regularly lost toenails, which is just as disgusting as it sounds. My feet have a lot of scar tissue! Gel inserts can improve otherwise stiff boots, but it’s the ankle area that’s usually the problem, and can cause abrasion. Try getting boots that come up higher and lace against the calf.

    I agree, it is hard to find good hiking boots that don’t cost the same as my first car. (A 1962 Volkswagon, used.)

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