Quaker dreams on All Souls

I am dreaming about Quaker meeting. Which is so strange, since we attend an Anglican church. Perhaps I am just dreaming about other Plain people, looking for a society in which I feel that I fit.

This is not a particularly plausible dream (fitting in, that is.) Christians in general don’t fit in, and maybe we shouldn’t. We should stand out a bit, or a lot. We should be identifiable as Christians. We should identify ourselves as Christians in a secular world. This is certainly the Biblical stance, that by our fruits the world (and the Great Judge at the end of time) will know us. The world won’t like us, may hate us, but the Judge will call us out as good and faithful servants, and the Good Shepherd that He is will know us as His own flock.

So many Christians are asking “How do we do this? How do we live?” And the Way is before them, but they choose not to see it, or choose a prettier road, and easier road, and still hope for Salvation at the end. But are they going astray?

If thee takes the easiest way, thee will invariably go downhill and to the right, and eventually thee will end up more or less where thee started, or at a place where thee can go no further. If thee seeks out the right Way, looking for the signposts, the markers, the faint blazes on the trees, if thee works at thy path and listens for the voice of the Shepherd calling thee home, thee will go on though the road is rough and dark, knowing in confidence that He waits for thee.

Thee is not called to be a trailblazer, cutting through the theological thicket, blazing some new road, for there is indeed only one Way home. Thee needs to hear the Voice speaking to thee in thy heart, and following the guidance laid out before thee in His word. All human made roads end in swamps. And there be alligators.

Beware the false prophet, the pagan siren song, the nihilistic whisper of despair that the world is right, Christ is wrong, and there is nothing tomorrow but more nothing. Keep thy eyes from straying to the fascinating lights under the trees of the distant groves, for thee will be entrapped in glamour if thee seeks them. Beware the loud-shouting preacher who makes thee promises of success and ambition; this is the road downward to depression and self-loathing.

Take thee to the narrow path, the old trail that the Saints trod, and follow faithfully. The Shepherd has provided food and water for the journey. Listen carefully over the windstorm of the world and thee will hear His voice.


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