A Quaker Quote

What excuse can a Christian—a servant of Christ—give for wearing ornaments? Does one wear ornaments and superfluities to please God? If we are living to self, ornaments are understandable, but we cannot serve two masters: if self is on the throne, Christ is not. Why dost thou wear that ring or that necktie, young man, or why those earrings and painted lips, young woman? Please answer the question to thyself in all soberness. What necessity does a Christian have to follow the styles? College and high school students are not shamed to show to what school they belong. Are we ashamed to acknowledge ourselves the followers of Christ? Oh, but we must not be conspicuous, some will say. We cannot let our light shine and remain inconspicuous. We are to be witnesses for Christ, and it is the devil’s doctrine that we must be inconspicuous and must keep still and not speak up for Christ and only show by our lives where we stand. The followers of Christ do not belong to the world—Jesus said so himself: then why would we try to look like the world? Some say the outside does not matter, but both Paul and Peter thought otherwise, and admonished Christian women of their day against the wearing of gold and pearls and costly array. Some people don’t know that these words of caution are in the Bible (I Tim. 2:9 and I Peter 3:3). 

from Kenneth Morse, borrowed from Quaker Jane. Please follow the link to the left under Blogroll to see more excellent Quaker material, old and modern.


2 thoughts on “A Quaker Quote

  1. I like this. I have never been a big fan of wearing make up. I love the skin God gave me and try to take good care of it. I wear a small class ring, my claddaugh ring, and a necklace given to me by the church I interned at in New Zealand every day. I love beauty – not that vain beauty of self, but that awe inspiring idea that our Father could have made everything plain, but instead makes things simply for the sake of beauty and goodness. I am trying to find that balance of being simply and enjoying beauty in the correct way. Clean hands are beautiful. Warm socks are beautiful. Flowers on my table are beautiful.

  2. Keep that persepective! But some of that is seeing the created world with Spirit-filled eyes. The Lord Himself makes us more aware and more appreciative of the beauty He has made.

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