Courtesy and Defencelessness

Sometimes I don’t really like the defenceless Christian stance. I guess I have a native feistiness that makes me want to stand up for myself. Meekness is not my second nature; a good shove to the offending party is.

Which means living in a city these days is kind of tough. Courtesy has about disappeared from modern life. People rush, all the time, everywhere. People in cars, people on bicycles. It is dangerous to step outdoors and move on your feet. It’s dangerous to drive or bike, too.

I could go on and on about a lack of common courtesy and sound like some old geezer. I do slip into geezer-mode some days (is it passing the fifty-year mark that does that?) but I really must pray for fortitude to resist the temptation to carp and winge. Carping and winge-ing are just giving a verbal shove instead of turning the other cheek. Persevere to the end…even if it is perseverence in holding thy tongue.

One Amish grandmother said she prayed everytime they got in the buggy and had to share the road with fast-moving vehicles, “Thy will be done, O Lord.” This is true Christian defenceless, accepting the way of the Lord, even unto a senseless death. I don’t think I’m there yet, in my heart. May the Lord make me meek and a true servant!


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