What day is it?

My husband was reading some Quaker stuff online yesterday when he noted, “I like the way the Quakers count the days and months. They don’t use the old gods’ names. All Christians should do this.”

I have never investigated to see if that is original to the Quakers, but it is associated with them. Instead of January, February, March, they say “First Month, Second Month, Third Month,” and so on, and the week begins with First Day, not Sunday. I have encountered other day-numbering systems used by Christians, but none as extensive and theologically oriented as the Quakers’ calendar.

From now on, I’m going to dedicate my days to the Lord, rather than to Wotan (Wednesday), Saturn (Saturday) or Apollo (Sunday); Diana (Monday),  (I don’t know about Tuesday, but it doesn’t sound good), Thor (Thursday) or Frey (Friday).


One thought on “What day is it?

  1. Having said all that, I can’t get wordpress to change the month-day format of the calendar. Go figure.

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