Has anyone wondered how to handle wearing one close covering over another? I did before I tried it, and I had to work out a few things. For someone who has always covered, it’s probably second nature.

First, make sure your hair is pulled back under the prayer cap and fastened well. I have to add a couple of clippies just above my bun so the shorter front hair doesn’t work out. Then fasten on your prayer cap with a couple of clippies at the nape, to either side of the bun. I’ve found that with a close bonnet mere straight pins didn’t hold everything in place. Perhaps a lady with thicker hair could use pins, but my hair is too fine.

I add small clippies or bobby pins at the temples int he front, in colour to match the cap. I have white bobby pins and clippies for my white caps, and black for the black caps. They don’t show much unless someone looks for them. These keep the cap from shifting across the crown, or sliding off when you remove the bonnet.

Put the bonnet on by lowering it from the crown, then snug it against the nape, settling the ruffle, if you have one, so that it isn’t caught up underneath. Pull the brim forward until it seems seated properly. This will depend on the cut of the bonnet. Some are cut back so that the brim sits across the hairline like a hairband. Others have deep brims that shade the forehead.

I think it is essential to tie the strings or ribbons. It looks careless to let them dangle, although my cap strings are usually loose. I tie the bow under one ear, and it stays in place better, although I have to retie occasionally.

To remove the bonnet, untie the strongs, put one hand on your prayer cap under the bonnet at the forehead, and gently slide the bonnet back and up. You should be able to do all this without the aid of a mirror, after some practice.

If the bonnet wobbles too much on your head, and flies back in a breeze, it is too big. It should hug your head but not be pinchy-tight.

If you want your daughters to cover and wear a bonnet, start them before they are three. Tie the strings of the cap and the bonnet off to one side rather than under the chin, and they will complain less about it, I find. You will probably have to clippy the cap to what hair they have, but it will be easier to care for their hair if they are covered and the hair is not getting tangled with wind and play. Enccourage them to keep a bonnet on at all times out of the house, and in the summer, it should be a sunbonnet.

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