Anglican is not a bad word. It is not something of which we must be ashamed. It is not synonymous with “hide-bound traditionalist” or “woman-hating crotchety old man.”

But you wouldn’t know that from the blogosphere.

Surely I am not the only Anglican moderate out here.

(To a given value of moderate, I admit.)

Be humble but forthright about your Anglican faith. Don’t leave the ‘net wide open for crackpots, extremists, and afore-mentioned hide-bound types. Boldly and bravely put “Anglican” in your tags!


Because I can’t stand to read any more blog posts from Anglicans who bloody well should just go to Rome already. 

I have had all sorts of problems with the church, wandered around a bit looking for that greener pasture, and yet I still came home.

Remember the other side of the parable of the prodigal son: The older brother, the good one, got reprimanded for his unloving, exclusionary attitude. There’s no virtue in being holier-than-thou.

To any bishops who might be reading (there aren’t, I know, wishful thinking): I’m ready to get back to work. There’s a million sermons in my head, a tougher attitude than I’ve ever had, and a willingness to put my hand to the plow without looking back. I promise I won’t whine and complain, or try to run away again to some beguiling church. I’ve got a real-world education now that no seminary could teach.

Resume and references supplied upon request.

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