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I just had a nice time looking at the witness of a headcovering young mother at knittingprose. I suggest you give her well-written, informative blog a look! She recommends an etsy shop called “Garlands of Grace,” and I was impressed by their pretty, feminine and not at all Anabaptist headcoverings! For those who are not called to the prayer cap and the flat-Plain way of dress might be interested in their products – snoods, wide bands, kerchiefs and long coverings.

I’ve been getting some nasty political type comments from people who think I am looking for a “government handout.” I assume a lot of this comes from the United States. I thought I cleared this up. Let’s look at the facts. In Canada, everyone who is employed pays into a pension fund, similar to Social Security but not exactly the same. Everyone is guaranteed at least a small Old Age Pension even if they never worked. And it is very small – less than what most people need to support themselves if they never had the opportunity to contribute.

The same fund, which is really a state sponsored insurance plan, provides a disability pension for those who become unable to work. I do not benefit from this myself. It is for my husband, and it won’t be much. Most of you out there with jobs make in a week what we expect to see for a month’s income. It will help us get through the time when I need to be at home full-time with him. Social Assistance is miniscule here, less than what most people spend on groceries. It is an emergency only fund, and if one collects it while awaiting a pension, the monies are repaid to the province when the pension is approved. So Americans who think Canadians live in a socialist paradise are mistaken.

I do believe that if one has paid into an insurance fund one should be able to collect from it when qualified. It shouldn’t be so complex.

And the church does have an obligation to help those in need, longterm as well as short-term. I would very much like to be working for the church again, although not in the same paradigm as before. My expectations are much less than they used to be.

“Self-sufficiency” is a lie. We all need others, and Christians especially need other Christians. Consuming less and producing more is the goal of Christian homesteading, I believe, living gently on the earth. So I’m not talking homesteading as in isolationism, but a community effort to be productive and live in harmony with God’s will for His creation.

And I think it cowardly to flame people in blogs, general comments and other internet publication opportunities. I don’t know who you are, where you are, or if you are telling me the truth. And I am sick to death of this “stand on your own two feet or die and get out of the way” neo-conservative, extreme American Republican nonsense. McCain and Palin lost the election for a good reason. Most of the voters didn’t believe their plan would work.

For those who are so sure of themselves, go read Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” Most of you sound like Mr. Scrooge saying to the charitable gentlemen, “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?” Jesus said, “Love one another, as I have loved you.” And He gave everything for us, even His life, so that we too may share His glory. To quote, once again, Bishop N.T. Wright: “Jesus is Lord; Caesar is not.” That is the true gospel message, and amen.

Discernment has been completed; we wait until next spring to homestead. I opened the issue to our local church community, and too many people love my dear husband to want to spend the winter worrying about him! So we are looking for a living situation on road, with telephone.

But we are sure we are called to live the country life; it is not just the continuation of our crazy seventies coming-of-age. The world is changing, many of thee know this. Christians must stand up to be counted, as Christians, as standing for a better Way, as standing for Christ and God’s creation. The materialism of modern life is not the way of Christ. He had nowhere to even lay His head unless it was given by a friend.

I am going to state this plainly, as I should:

We are not capitalists. We are pacifists. We are not liberal, nor conservative. We are Traditional, Plain, and Anglican. We are orthodox in our theology and Bible interpretation. We are not going to pursue careers or rise in the organization.

I am going to hold with my policy of granting comment to other Christians. If you are going to tell me that prayer is wrong and doesn’t work; that my faith is juvenile, egotistical or fanatical; if you don’t believe in the Bible:

Comment elsewhere. Start your own blog.  There are lots of agnostics and atheists who will let you slam christians all you want.

This is not the place for that.

This is a place for sisters (and brothers) in the faith. Anyone is welcome to read, but keep your comments uplifting and helpful. I will not have my blog turned into a catfight.

Unity and peace are not achieved by hateful words, blame-placing and fighting. We are not here to work out your disappointments in the church or with me!

Sometimes we wonder why the Lord keeps us waiting…

Nicholas’s application for a disability pension was turned down. We are without income. We have been depending on family, friends and the church community to keep us going this while. Now we are literally down to the last pennies and praying hard…

If anything, this has deepened our resolve to stay where we are, but we may be reduced to eating burdock roots and wild apples, and maybe hazelnuts if the squirrels don’t get them all.

Yes, we have tried social services – we don’t qualify because we don’t have a street address! I have phone calls in everywhere, trying to get things striaghtened out. Mostly, I pray.

Friends, please pray for us, that we will not be forced into a life that is not worth living. Our biggest fear is that we will be separated if I have to return to the United States to work, since Nicholas does not have a passport and cannot cross the border at this time. (New regulations – as if that is going to stop criminals and terrorists, who have read all the John leCarre novels and have fake IDs.)

Someone said to me that when God closes a door, he opens a window, but I really don’t see what that is supposed to mean – do we climb through the window to escape, or are we waiting for something to blow in? Lately, that’s been hurricanes!

Many thanks to all of thee for thy prayers and advice. I have learned a lot.


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